What You Must Know Before Creating an E-Scooter App Like Bird?

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What You Must Know Before Creating an E-Scooter App Like Bird?

When it comes to going for the greener movement, every aspect around us must address it well, and the way we commute should also be included in it.

There are many different options that are picked by the transport industry, but there have always been troubles associated with it, as parking space, maintenance, and the cost to name a few.

But not anymore, since the introduction e scooter app in the USA market,

For the people residing or traveling to San Francisco, San Diego, California, Los Angeles, or Washington, it is a very common view to experience the e scooter crossing the way now and then. To trigger the on-demand app development turf a popular app Bird came into existence, and further, let the ride-sharing platform not just turn greener but economical as well.

With this post, let’s take a quick look at how an app like the Bird e scooter app is turning the heads and how you can develop one for yourself…read ahead further

E-Scooter App

Why e scooter app Bird is getting famous?

The consideration made to build an electronic scooter app isn’t just due to the Green Movement but apart from being eco-friendly, this concept has many other advantages as well, which are triggering the interest of shareholders to invest.

Some of the advantages it holds are:

Environment sustainable

As there is no fuel used in the E-scooters, hence there is no exhaling of toxic elements in the environment. Being an environment-friendly concept, e scooter is largely getting picked by the investors to make their revenue grow.

Pocket-friendly for user

One of the best benefits, e-scooter apps like Bird, have got to offer after eco-friendliness is the affordability factor. The Bird e-scooter app utilizes a rechargeable battery that requires electricity. Further, it does not consume natural resources and the engine which is added to the vehicle, is also quite cheap, making the overall ride for the user extremely economical.

Easy Accessibility

E scooter is unlike the on-demand cabs, which are not available in certain conditions due to the ample number of reasons. Rather e-scooter can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere with comfort & ease. This removes the problems of traffic, road congestion, or any other problem.

Safer & Reliable

When compare to cars, trucks, or any other vehicle, e-scooters are safer. Multiple real-time tracking & GPS features help users to ride safely. Also as e scooters are driverless, then traveling in the wee hours can be a safer choice for the passengers.

Time -Saving

As there are fair chances for the cabs and other transport options to bear the brunt of traffic congestion, but this hurdle is well answered by an e scooter, as it allows you to escape the congestion with an effective measure and don’t get irritated by waiting for long hours.


For a normal vehicle, regular maintenance is a must, and that cannot be avoided in any given situation. However, with the e-scooter, this hassle is well-manageable, as it runs on the batteries, which only need to be charged and kept clean. This helps you to save time & money on maintenance.


Unlike any other vehicle, to use an electric scooter sharing software there is no requirement for a driving license. So if your license is still not done or you are in a foreign country, then you don’t need to be tense anymore. As to access the easy and cheaper mode of transport then you must opt for the e scooter.

Easy to Park

In the USA, parking has always been an issue and the space cost always leaves a hole in the pocket. But with the e-scooters, there is no such requirement for bigger space, but even in the slightest corner of the street or outside the shop corner it can be parked, so you can enjoy your time, without being concerned about the parking slot timings.

Process of using Bird e-scooter app

The process to use this highly popular app is very simple, and requires the steps mentioned below…

  • After downloading the app, you need to create Login;
  • Insert your card details for the payment feature;
  • With the map feature, you can take a look at the available scooters in the vicinity;
  • Zoom-in to search scooter data, and check the battery status;
  • Click on the button to unlock the e scooter;
  • To start the ride, simply scan the QR code;
  • On reaching the destination, tap the button in the app to lock the scooter;
  • The app will reflect the distance covered and charges for it.

Essential Features required making a Bird-like App

Every app has something different & unique to offer, but there is a prime role for every app, that suggests that the user must get the convenience from the app and should not be troubled with its UI/UX. Therefore some of the essential features that can help your e scooter app development to pave a successful way for your business are mentioned herewith…

Search feature

A mobile app aims to bring convenience to the users, and a search filter brings the comfort of a hassle-free e scooter search.
An app designed and developed for the e-scooter must address the search feature with the utmost clear UX & UI to help the app grow successfully.

Conveniently book by scanning the QR code

The feature of the QR code scanner lets the users access the app with extreme convenience. With this feature, users just need to scan the code and let the app get decoded with ease.

But this feature is not just limited to it, rather it lets the users scan the QR code and book it, this will evade the unnecessary chaos of losing the ride on time.

Real-Time Tracking

The functionality of Real-time monitoring lets the users securely park the vehicles and locate the location. And further, with real-time tracking, the user doesn’t get to fall for the chaos of lost vehicles and waste time unnecessarily.

Lock & Unlock

Since e scooter is based on the driverless concept, henceforth it is very much important for the user to unlock the hired e scooter through an app platform. Although the very mechanism that would run behind the lock & unlock feature must be highly secure.
The improved security aspect within the e-scooter will help the E-Scooter app to attain users’ trust and prove its authenticity.

Multi-Lingual assistance

The multi-language support is the most important feature, letting different users use the app and avail the benefit. By including multiple languages, the very spectrum of mobile app expands to a wider user base.

Payment Gateway Integration

The significance of using a secured payment gateway or integrating the top-notch payment integration system within your Bird scooter app development, helps the users to build trust what your app, and also make the payment as per their choice or convenient mode.

Notification & Alerts

The notification & alert feature would let the user access the e scooter in various conditions, such as: looking for e-scooters in the vicinity, booking a nearby e-scooter, or when reaching the destination. Also, there are various other aspects like deals, news, or new feature addition that must be addressed within this functionality.


For a user to locate an e-scooter from the app itself, while being in different locations, can be a daunting task. However, the integration of a GPS navigator improves the user experience and lets them locate and hire the e-scooter hassle-free.

boost your ROI model with an e-scooter mobile app like Bird?

e-scooter mobile app like Bird

Let’s check out the app development cost for the bird e-scooter app concept…

After knowing a lot about such a great app concept it strikes in your mind to start the development of the scooter app, but the factor of cost gives you a freeze.

As stated above the number of features included in the app, can affect the app cost to a larger extent, hence some of the features that must be a part of your bird e-scooter app are in-app payment, GPS, social media buttons, cross-platform, barcode scanner and multi-lingo assistance.

On the other hand, combining these essential features along with the other required functionalities, wherein it may consume 800 – 1000 HRS, including planning, development, and other technical processes of app building.

And the additional cost of third-party APIs and more can trigger the cost, but a rough estimation, the development cost can be anything between $35,000 – $55,000, and that depends upon the hourly rate offered by your selected app builder.


What You Must Know Before Creating an E-Scooter App Like Bird?

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