How To Estimate The Cost of MeWe App Development?

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How to Estimate the Cost of MeWe App Development?

Summary: Looking for MeWe like social media app development? Check this article, it will help you to get detailed knowledge about cost estimation and feature requirements.

When talking about social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular choices among all other applications. However, for security and privacy concerns, users are looking for other alternatives, and here MeWe app development comes into the picture.

Currently, more than 4 billion people around the world use social media. 90% of regular internet users log in to social media. Which means nearly 75% of the overall population aged 13 and older uses social media. People are using MeWe social media for many reasons, like staying in touch with friends and family, reading news, and filling up their spare time.

Over time, people want something new like MeWe, which can give them the aim of connecting to people along with security. It helps people get new business opportunities, and that is why everyone wants to create a MeWe-like social media app. However, before creating an app, how to determine the MeWe app development cost is the main question. Let’s find the answer by scrolling down.

What is the Mewe Application?

What is Mewe Application?

MeWe is a free Social Media App available to all users. The main concept is user privacy. After the Facebook data privacy issue, MeWe became one of the most demanding applications. The MeWe app promises users an ad-free experience without controlling their data. Users can easily download it from the App Store or Google Play store.

Business-centric features of MeWe have taken communication and companies to the next level. The app provides customization for feeds so that users have control over what they view. The MeWe app does not allow you to change, filter, or manipulate news feeds. Users get honor and control over their preferences.

Important Features of Apps Like The MeWe Social Media App

Important Features of Apps Like The MeWe Social Media App

Social media apps similar to MeWe mostly have common features among them. Based on features, we can decide MeWe app development cost. With more advanced features added to your app, the price increases too. Let’s look at some basic features of the MeWe-like application.

1. Create a Profile

On any social media platform, the profile section is important. It allows users to share their identity. This includes sharing their information like name, email address, web URL, mobile number, date of birth, etc.

2. Messaging

Any social media platform needs to give users a communication channel. It includes the ability to send messages, videos, audio messages, emojis, etc. Cost estimation may differ depending on whether group conversation is allowed or not.

3. Authorization

Authorization is the basis of data privacy for end users. It allows users to sign in and log in through their phone number or email. It also requires functionality like account recovery and other security features. Authorization features are a must for any MeWe app.

4. User Interface

The design of the application matters as much as the features. The design makes the application unique among others. The user interface is the most expensive part of the application. You must make sure that your user interface is attractive and understandable so that users can easily connect to your application.

5. Search Functionality

Search functionality makes your application easy for consumers. It allows them to find posts, friends, groups, and many more based on their interests.

6. Control Of Permissions

Today, users are very concerned about their privacy while using any social media app. If you provide full control over permissions, then your app becomes distinct from others. Permission control allows users to manage their personal data’s visibility. It includes functionality like enabling invisible mode when the user is not online, removing their data from the search directory, etc.

7. Custom Social Cloud

me We provide a social cloud to their users, which includes a unique profile for each user. It allows users to delete their content. Cloud storage can be used to save their data. It stores all the data for each user.
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8. Tagging

Tagging helps in easy search. This is one of the most useful new features in social media applications. Users can tag content in different categories, which helps in sorting and finding content.

9. Journals by MeWe

Stories from a social media MeWe app account can be visible for only 24 hours, but MeWe provides a facility where premium customers can keep a journal. This journal feature allows users to save, tag, organize, and rearrange their stories, which helps them create lifetime memories.

If you would like to develop an app for both Android and iOS platforms, then seek assistance from a social media app development company.

10. Voice or Video Call

Premium users of the MeWe app can enjoy free, unlimited voice and video calling via IP. One user can connect with multiple users at a time through video or voice calls. The live-streaming facility is also available if one can pay more. With an increase in budget, you can even get facilities to access both rear and front cameras at the same time.

11. Notifications and News Feeds

News feeds are the main reason to use any social media platform. So, it is important to stay updated with the new posts from someone with whom they are connected. Notifications are the best way to keep users attached to the application. It shows required content in push notifications when it shows that users are not currently using that app.

12. Groups

Users with premium accounts can create MeWe private groups to invite other users to the app. The group is the best way to convey your ideas, thoughts, visions, etc. It provides smooth interaction between a range of people.

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How Much Does it Cost to Build MeWe App?

When you are developing an application like MeWe, multiple factors affect the overall cost of the app’s development. The price can be determined by the functionality, comprehensiveness, and complexity of the application. However, if you are outsourcing the development part, then the MeWe app development cost depends on the Social Media App Development Company for which you are building an app. For in-house development, one needs to keep in mind the salary cost of each employee.

Based on the hours required to build an app, social media app development costs can vary. If one is adding more and more features, then pricing will increase too. Therefore, you need to keep these things in mind before developing an application. Let’s look at the numbers for a detailed cost review of North America

North America Western Europe Eastern Europe India
Dedicated Developer $60-80 $45-65 $30-40 $25-35
Project Manager $90-100 $55-65 $35-45 $30-40
QA expert $70-90 $45-55 $30-40 $25-30
UI/UX designer $50-70 $40-60 $50-60 $20-30

Based on the Technology used for Social Media Platforms, Charges may Differ as Shown Below:

Native app development cost $150-350
React native app development cost $150-300


After the Facebook security issue, people are looking for more private and safe social media applications, as Facebook shares their private applications. Therefore, social media like the Mewe app is required. While creating such applications, UI, core features, security, and many more factors play a key role.

Also, you may need to look into mobile app development cost estimation multiple times while creating such an application. However, if you want to get more knowledge on social media app development like Mewe, it is best to consult Concetto Labs for better results.

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