How Can You Drive Growth For Your Flower Delivery Application?

How Can You Drive Growth For Your Flower Delivery App?

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How Can You Drive Growth For Your Flower Delivery App?

Undoubtedly, mobile apps have become a new bandwagon across the business industry. Providing the utmost flexibility and easiness for purchasing goods, mobile apps have revolutionized the buying-selling paradigm completely. All you have to do is just add your favorite products to your cart and then click on, “buy now” option. This process has enhanced the convenience for customers across the globe. For instance, the company Uber has acquired half of the market with its services. It is the first privately funded company in Silicon Valley that has achieved tremendous success.

That’s the reason businesses are investing significantly in mobile apps, regardless of the kind of product. You can find an array of products online, be it food, clothes, or even groceries. Similarly, mobile apps for flowers have also become revolutionary as serving your customers with fresh flowers that are in different locations becomes impossible.

If ‘you’ve got a killer flower mobile app development idea, then executing it should be a hassle. Being a startup in flower delivery, you should first step into the digital world and develop a website with proper categorization for flowers. In this way, you can eliminate your flower inventory management, labor cost, purchase transactions, business invoice, and the itinerary for flowers. You can quickly develop an app like Uber for flowers as well, ‘it’s just the hard work and ambition that pays off.

Before moving towards three effective ways for developing a successful flower delivery, take a look at some useful stats, industrial facts, and the best app for flower delivery funding

Stats and facts concerning on-demand flower delivery app for startups

We strive hard to keep our audience updated with the latest market trend, which is why we keep track of recently released stats concerning the same subject. The below-mentioned stats will defiantly assist you in the decision-making process of your flower delivery startup san Francisco

  • As per reports, the ‘USA’s retail market of flowers contributes $18billion, which is growing at an anticipated CAGR of 6%, from the year 2017-2023. Increasing demand for the floral market is also making flower gifting a common trend among people these days.
  • Some of the leading flower apps such as UrbanStems, Farmgirl flowers, and Bouqs are raising a substantial amount of funds to expand their online flower delivery services. The venture capital of Bouqs is valued at $43.1million, whereas UrbanStems is valued at $27.2million in the USA alone. With the increasing funds, these app service providers are heavily investing in their logistics and offering same-day delivery fresh flowers to customers.

How Can You Develop A Successful Flower Delivery App For Your Startup Business?

How Can You Develop A Successful Flower Delivery App For Your Startup Business?

1. Deliver flowers to the doorstep

In the flower delivery business, your primary purpose is to deliver fresh flowers to your customers on time. You might be aware of a courier delivery app like Uber for flowers; it can immensely make the delivery process seamless for you. Here are a few offerings of Uber delivery apps

  • Easy to track via GPS

With a mobile app for flower delivery app, you can seamlessly handle your deliveries and track the location as well. You might be receiving complaints concerning broken petals, or bouquet broking during transit. But a mobile app for your online flower delivery startup enables you to cover up the pitfalls quickly. With constant tracking, to check the picture of flowers from the pickup location, issues such as misguidance or miscommunication have been resolved. It has become possible with the integration of the mobile app with the maps.

  • Enjoy last-minute delivery concept

Uber introduced the idea of the last-minute delivery of flowers, which means delivery in 30 minutes using bikes or bicycles. It offers same-day delivery to customers, boosting overall sales of your business.

  • Collaborative economy

You can hire a third-party company or individuals through a collaborative economy across the country. In this way, an individual from another part of the country makes a delivery for you in his location, and you need to pay him according to the deliveries. Both can share their hard-earned profits, and individuals can work flexibly.

2. Partner with gifting companies to enhance your ‘brand’s visibility

As we know that mobile apps have made things quickly accessible to customers. It has become crucial that you create your brand identity and promote your brand in the online world. Modern customers have easy access to the internet and social platforms than traditional marketing platforms. To enhance your brand visibility in the ever-growing market, you should expand your business in other alike categories by utilizing affiliated partnerships.

For instance, according to sources, the UrbanStems app has recently entered into a partnership with Vogue to step into the gifting app genre. UrbanStems not only offer bouquets and flowers for decoration but also provide curated gift boxes. Such partnerships open the door for more genre apps in the world. You can also provide customers with discounts, customized gifts, flower sale alerts, etc.

3. Offer online customized packages and boost your sales

Predicting customer behavior is impossible. Some customers may like only red bouquets; some may want to add different flowers, etc. Offering variety to customers with customization will surely help you boost your brand image in the market. With the customized features, you can easily understand the likes and dislikes of customers by allowing them to choose from basket bouquets, box patterns, types of flowers and leaves, scented or natural fragrance flowers, and a lot more.

By adding a payment gateway, customers will also get an idea of the prices of different customized boxes or flowers.

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As we are experts in flower delivery app development, our team has shared this curate list of features that one should add to the flower app without any fail. If you still feel the requirement of certain assistance with regards to Hybrid Mobile App Development, then get in touch with us at or drop an email at We can help you develop a scalable, efficient, and interactive flower delivery app for your business!


How Can You Drive Growth For Your Flower Delivery App?

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