All You Wanted To Know About Power Virtual Agents

All You Wanted To Know About Power Virtual Agents: An Overview

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Power Virtual Agents

Using real-time messaging is one of the most common methods of user engagement by brands big and small. To answer all the questions of your customers, website visitors, and employees, an active chat facility can lead to a quick resolution. One of the most essential tools used for the same today is Microsoft Power Virtual Agents. Being a no-code software, it provides companies with the capability to create intelligent bots quickly without much technical fuss. These chatbots can boost your self-service abilities and reduce the customer care team’s pressure by ensuring your brand is always connected to its people.

Today, we’ll be exploring the following aspects of Power Virtual Agents in this overview blog:

  • Talk about the features that distinguish Microsoft Power Virtual Agents from other solutions.
  • Take a look at the benefits and features of Power Virtual Agents.
  • Take a look at where Power Virtual Agents can be used.
  • The pricing structure of Power Virtual Agents.

How does Microsoft Power Virtual Agents Operate? What sets it apart from other Solutions?

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is a SaaS solution and part of the Microsoft Power Platform. It facilitates organizations to make personalized Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots for internal (employees) and external (customers) purposes.

This handy tool needs a limited installation, enabling organizations to create their bots promptly with the hell of a graphic and a user-friendly interface. This gives them the capability to add the relevant FAQ Data, create order within topics and add natural language questions by employing slot filling and entities and skipping to essential queries.

To make sure that a business’s Power Virtual Agents chatbot can execute the necessary orders, it adds special conditions using Power Automate while connectors are linked to the back-end system. Moreover, a business can overlook the activities of their chatbots to assess their performance, helping them fine-tune the improvements and make the best out of the tool.

The Functionality of Power Virtual Agents 

A topic sets the route by which a chatbot conversation takes place in Power Virtual Agents. This is completely personalized and the users can go through a step-by-step process to formulate their brand’s bot by either using templates or making it from scratch.

Every topic has trigger phrases to help find solutions quickly. These can be keywords, terms, phrases, and queries that a person is likely to ask about that are associated with a particular issue. Next, conversation nodes define what a person creating the bot uses to define the way their chatbot responds.

To make sure that a Power Virtual Agents bot picks the right response, Artificial Intelligence employs Natural Language Processing to understand what a customer wants and delivers the most accurate node or trigger phrase to them.

One instance of the use case is the brand’s physical outlet’s opening times. A visitor can type the term “Open hours” into your chatbot. The AI will use this to match the predefined “Store hours” database. The bot then begins a conversation that enquires the location of the store that the customer wants to know about (if there are multiple stores) and then shows them the store timings.

Before the chatbot goes live, a company can try out the conversation using the ng the ‘Test bot’ option of Power Virtual Agents.

Advantages of Using Power Virtual Agents

Advantages of Using Power Virtual Agents

  1. Simple To Create: Power Virtual Agents has a no-code interface, which means it is easy for any person to create and launch their chatbot, irrespective of their technical experience.
  2. Easy Integration: You’ll find over a hundred pre-defined connectors in Power Virtual Agents that help a business in deploying their chatbots on social media channels, websites, Microsoft Teams, or individual apps.
  3. 24/7 Customer Care: Chatbot virtual agents can be accessed across time zones no matter what hour of the day it is. This is particularly helpful for international businesses.
  4. Personalize The Experience: A business can create an array of responses depending on the visitor’s input to make sure that a natural conversation takes place.
  5. Increased Customer Satisfaction: A virtual chatbot gives visitors immediate responses to their questions but can also be used to escalate queries that need the help of customer service experts on the Team.

Where can Power Virtual Agents be Applied?

There are various utilities of Power Virtual Agents, a few of which we’ve mentioned below.

  • Store And Office Working Hours.
  • Staff Help Desk to employ a vast database of instructional articles to provide functional answers promptly.
  • HR documentation and policies to provide accurate and designation-specific details by furnishing the relevant documentation.
  • Facilities Manager to answer all the frequently asked questions managers are getting regarding returning to work after the pandemic.
  • Microsoft Teams to streamline the way your business engages with the workers and automate the FAQs or usual business workflows within the channel.

What is the Cost of Power Virtual Agents?

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents costs about $754.10 per month to provide 2000 sessions. If you have more than 2000 sessions, you can choose to buy an additional 1000 sessions per month at $339.30.

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Using Virtual Agents can be an expensive affair for a small to medium business. Instead, outsourcing can be easier and more economical. If you want to create your own Power Virtual Agents or understand the future course of action, Concetto Labs can help you figure out a path for your business’s customer care.  We have all the capabilities and expertise to support your business with the most efficient chatbot complete with the knowledge base. To start right away, get in touch with us at or visit Concetto Labs.


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