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  • Associate with people around you.
  • Helps you meet like-minded people without revealing your identity.
  • Konnect Friends App provides privacy and freedom to talk freely to people.
  • The application helps you control things about people you are aware of.


The main purpose of the Application stands here
  • Search Nearby Users
  • Scan QR code
  • Chat Anonymously
  • Make Friends
  • 01

    Search Nearby Users

    • Search Users
    • Search Friends
    • After chatting with users you might find them interesting and become friends
    • There comes the second search which helps you to search only those people with whom you are friends.
  • 02

    Scan QR code

    • Another search is where you are around in a mall or party & you feel to connect with each other then QR Code helps instantly to get in touch.
    • You are just a scan away.
    • Scan a user's QR Code from the app and the user will be able to download the app and also start chatting in a few clicks.
  • 03

    Chat Anonymously

    • The important feature for the application is privacy.
    • You can chat to any other person without revealing your identity.
    • It helps the user to choose if they want to be friends with them or just have a small conversation and pass by.
    • Users will not be able to know who they are chatting with and will be able to build up rapport with.
    • It also provides media privacy where we can just click the picture and it will disappear after an hour of sharing.
  • 04

    Make Friends

    • A normal chat person can become friends by sending a friend request.
    • The features are helpful in 2 ways, we can see their name and Profile Picture. Secondly the app provides a separate list for friends and thus the user will be able sort easily.
    • The application helps the user to save the chat and also report the chat in case of any disputes on later stages. The report is sent to the admin and action is taken accordingly.

App Screens

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