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Easily manage your expenses while you are on a business trip and get it approved by your managers. This PowerApps provides an entire hierarchy of the user management along with email approvals of the expense reports added by the employees making the reimbursement process easier.

Some important Features are,

  • 01. Easy to use
  • 02. Multiple roles for employees
  • 03. Quick notifications and approvals
  • 04. Add and manage employees hierarchy




Role selector and Configurations

This first screen of the PowerApps allows the user to select his role to approve or add the expenses or manage the configurations of the app

  • By selecting “Approve Expense” the user will be taken to a managerial screen to approve/reject the expense reports added by the users
  • Selecting “Add Expense” takes user to the next screen which enables him to add his expense reports
  • Tapping on the cog/settings icon will allow the user to add the expense type and its details along with managing the users


Add Expense

The user can create the expense report on this flow of the application

  • This popup has all the details to be filled up by the user while adding the expenses
  • He can add the Expense type, amount for this particular expense, description, purpose and add the images of the receipts
  • The expenses will be listed down on this report and the user can add multiple expenses in a single report


Report Listing

A listing of the expense reports can be swiped from this screen which shows the expense reports based on their status, i.e. Draft, Open, Approved and All

  • The “Draft” tab will show all the expense reports under which the expenses are just added but not submitted to the manager for the approval
  • Open tab shows all the reports which are sent to the manager for the approval
  • Approved will show the expense reports which are approved by the manager and the accounts department


Manage Employees

The admin will be able to add/delete the employees from this panel and manage the roles

  • The “Name” dropdown will fetch the list of all employees which are added under the Active Directory Group the Microsoft Admin has created and their email ID will be automatically filled up in the second field
  • Admin can manage the employees and their approvers by defining the role of the employee along with their departments
  • The manage name and their department fields are provided to assign the users their supervisors

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