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PLC is an Model-Driven based application developed to cater the need of all the individuals associated with a construction based project, starting from pitching till maintenance, it contains all features to jot down the requirements along with the automations required at each step.

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Step based approach


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Automated emails and notifications


Export reports

PowerApp Screen

Project Listing01

  • This screen gives the user a preview of all the projects that are added to the company database
  • The user can search and select and project that he wishes
  • Filter functions are available for the user to select from the status and the date range along with filtering by keywords
  • Exporting is also available if the user wishes to export all of these projects along with their statuses
PowerApp Screen

Go No Go Form - Pursuit stage02

  • This is the first form of the very first section that is Pursuit, the rest of them are: Precon - Planning & Estimating, Precon - Bidding & Buyout, Construction & Closeout
  • It collects the basic information about the project
  • PCF controllers are used for having dropdown and custom radio button fields
  • The user can export these records as a printable PDF
PowerApp Screen

Risk Assessment Form - Precon stage 03

  • This form has 5 stages/steps for the users to fill out the information
  • Each stage has its own form and the values differs based on the information selected on the previous form or other sections of the application which are interlinked
  • With the use of PowerAutomate, on completion of each stage an email is sent to the individual to whom each of the tasks are assigned on each stage
PowerApp Screen

Project Complete - Closeout04

  • This is the last stage of the project lifecycle where the user can add the content required for the customer feedback
  • Based on the customer feedback, emails would be sent out for further maintenance tasks
  • The application not only manages the new construction projects but also the maintenance projects


PowerApp Screen
PowerApp Screen
PowerApp Screen
PowerApp Screen
PowerApp Screen
PowerApp Screen
PowerApp Screen
PowerApp Screen
PowerApp Screen
PowerApp Screen
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