Author: Manish Patel

Android 10: Top Things You Should Know About Android 10

Reading Time: 8 minutes The purpose of the launch of Android 10 is to focus on making everyday life easier with new technologies like 5G and Foldables. The aim is to make life easier with features that are powered by on-device machine learning. Android… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Guide on How to Generate PDF from PowerApps?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Creating a PDF from PowerApps has been the headache every business goes through today. Many companies request Powerapps PDF for their invoices, permits, and several other essential documentation. Due to this trend, many companies are now hiring Microsoft Powerapps developers to enhance… Continue Reading →

Plan Your Next eCommerce Website Migration With Us & Get The Best Outcome

Reading Time: 6 minutes Whenever the word migration comes in terms of migrating a website, the number of questions arises as to what to do, which platform to select, & how it impacts SEO. Not need to worry as in today’s article we’re gonna… Continue Reading →

Introduction To React JS and Reasons To Go With ReactJS In 2020

Reading Time: 9 minutes Since the last decade, we have seen major growth in the field of mobile app development and React JS web development and so far businesses are also in need of an interactive interface in order to connect with its users. Either… Continue Reading →

What is new in PHP 7.4? 10 Features to look for in 2020.

Reading Time: 10 minutes If you think about all the programming languages that go obsolete over time. Then there are several factors like syntax, frameworks, coding ease, and many others. Over the years, PHP web developers have expertise over many aspects of development. But,… Continue Reading →

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Cannabis Delivery App Like Eaze

Reading Time: 9 minutes Medical Marijuana made its debut long ago in the American domain. But, in 2018, the Australian government too legalized the cannabis delivery business. But, what transpired six years back is still a phenomenon. A cannabis delivery app based on the… Continue Reading →

Everything You Need To Know About The New Version Of Android Studio 3.6

Reading Time: 9 minutes For android app development, a part of Google’s Integrated Development Environment – Version 3.6 has come after so long with bug fixing and other refinements. This change is for the better with the upgrade and slowly moving towards higher stability… Continue Reading →

Let’s Explore Laravel 7: Laravel 7 Features And Improvements

Reading Time: 6 minutes On 3rd March 2020, laravel has released its new version Laravel 7. With these versions, laravel has released the strategy of laravel framework. It is not a Long-Term-Support version so as per the laravel support version policy they provide a… Continue Reading →

Challenges of TYPO3 to WordPress Comparison in 2020

Reading Time: 13 minutes Planning to start an online business or website? That’s great! Pick the right CMS (Content Management System) that better suits your needs. CMS is a platform that allows an easy to create and organize content such as blogs along with… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why Flutter is Setting the Trend in Mobile App Development

Reading Time: 9 minutes The mobile app development paradigm is seeing a radical shift in recent times. From the masterclass Javascript universe to ultimate frontier Kotlin, everything has been evolving and enlightening. But, a new piece on the board has changed the game of… Continue Reading →

Researching Mobile App Agencies? Ask About These Hidden Costs

Reading Time: 10 minutes So, the time has arrived, and you have finally decided to develop your very own mobile app agencies and take over the word with it. Initially, one might find them intimidating getting the hybrid mobile app development services, creating your very own uber…. Continue Reading →

How Your Investment In News App Can Work For Your Business To Grow On Rapid-fire Speed

Reading Time: 8 minutes In today’s world generation wants all the required things on fingerprint like all the news. Nowadays newspapers and magazines are not the only sources of news. You can read posts on different mediums where anyone can share their stories, read… Continue Reading →

How to Develop a Grocery App with Flutter for Android/ iOS

Reading Time: 10 minutes Who doesn’t love shopping whether it’s men, women or kids, isn’t it? Mobile apps have changed our living life and have given a great viewpoint of experiences. Talking about ordering food, checking bank details, cab booking or renting a car… Continue Reading →

Is Google Fuchsia the New Android?

Reading Time: 9 minutes It was the year 2017 when Fuchsia was first discovered by Google. Same like Android and Chrome OS, Fuchsia is Google’s best-known software venture. It pops up as a single command line and looks totally different than any other mobile… Continue Reading →

8 Facial Recognition Apps That Will Rule 2020!

Reading Time: 11 minutes Jump Down: 1. Blippar 2. Luxand 3. FaceApp 4. Face2 Gene 5. FacePhi 6. Applock 7. Log Me 8. FaceFirst The last decade has witnessed an excess of ground-breaking innovations for commercials and corporates. The increase in mobile apps for… Continue Reading →

What is the Process of Disney Plus Development and How Much it Costs?

Reading Time: 13 minutes Introduced in September 2017, Disney 2 took whole years to launch a video streaming service of their frontrunner. And even after beating some obstacles on the launch day, the growth trajectory Disney plus app development took only moments after its launch… Continue Reading →

WooCommerce Tips to Make your Store Even Better

Reading Time: 10 minutes According to eMarketer, eCommerce sales will reach $4 trillion by the end of 2020. This number proves that online shopping is set to take over traditional retail stores. Many eCommerce platforms and other WooCommerce platforms are on race with 40%… Continue Reading →

Why and How to Upgrade Your Website to PHP 7+?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Do you want to double the speed of your site’s page in just 10 minutes? Sounds impressive, isn’t it? You can make that happen by your website to the latest version of PHP, which is 7+. And more importantly, it is… Continue Reading →

Why is Flutter Mobile Development the Best Option for Startups App Owners?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Have you planned to develop an app for your startup? That’s a great idea! Flutter mobile app development is new in the market Today is a time of mobile apps where tools created for simplification of our daily life activity to… Continue Reading →

15 Android Libraries for App Development!

Reading Time: 13 minutes As we know that Android libraries and frameworks are a set of execution of code that is written in programming languages and have a well-developed interface. These libraries commonly involve configuration data, documentation, message templates, pre-written code, help data, and… Continue Reading →