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IOS Or Android? Which Is Better To Use?

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iOS or Android? Which is better to use?

Developing a mobile application can be a challenging task. Based on the Gartner survey, 79% of smartphones sold between April and June. In there, 177.9m handsets sold when compared to Apple’s 31.9m iPhones. IDC estimates that 62% of tablets shipped to retailers between April to June. It includes 28.2m Android devices and 14.6m iPads.

Talking about iOS, it’s BIG. A lot of applications come out for iOS first and then launched on Android. If you own an iPhone, you can play Plants Vs. Zombies2, Clash of Clans, and Worms 3 but Android owners can’t play. Instagram launched after 18 months on Android. Yet there is no show of Mailbox and Tweetbot availability on Android.

So, what’s going on? If you’re one of million Android users and wondering how iOS and Android work differently? This article is for you.

Developing iOS apps and Android apps are easy. You can hire iPhone app development company or hire an iPhone developer that works better for you. Whether you are developing an Android app or iOS app, the debate between iOS and Android will go on. There are lots of unflattering statements released by Android users and thinking that they have made the wrong choice. Nevertheless, many good reasons are there, which help you clear your doubt. Read on to check out some popular ideas about how iOS is better than Android.

Let’s go, but first, the basics

iOS and Android combine make 97% of the mobile OS market share. Due to the broad price range and low entry-level prices, Android is the largest global share. Android holds more benefits over Apple in emerging markets such as Asia and Africa. Whereas, iOS dominates profit share at global dominance as average iOS users are more active than Android users.

How Android and iOS are different?

Apple is incredibly strict. It uses push notifications, rules, and timelines with ensuring a consistent experience. On the other hand, Android can update with human needs. Various mobile phone manufacturers are LG, HTC, Samsung, Motorola gives customized experience to end-user. Apple users are most loyal, whereas Android vouch for freedom and customization. Each serves a different purpose and comes with a unique character in their way.

People prefer iOS better than Android

Some people have tried both mobile operating systems and still say that iOS is better than Android. The interface of Apple and it’s designed to draw a broader audience. Features like Siri help users for better understanding. Few peers think Android is superior, and few think iOS is better.

  • iPhone supports all apps that most people use
    People generally buy smartphones to gain access to the full range of applications. Worst or popular apps online you read are available in the iOS app store. Also, there are rumors iOS doesn’t have cool apps. But the fact is iOS applications are better in terms of Android. Pick a platform based on your requirements and what feels comfortable to you.
  • Many True and False news spread for Security.
    One of the biggest myths people talk about is security in iOS. The user is choosing iOS over Android as it’s more safe and secure. In the worst-case scenario, people can take their iPhone to an Apple Store for help. There isn’t an exact analog when you’re buying an Android phone.
  • iPhone works well with other Apple devices
    If you’re shopping for new smartphones and already have Apple products at home, then it makes sense to go with an iPhone. Varieties of third-party applications used across devices from different manufacturers. If you use an iPhone and mac, then take advantage of features that Apple has used in its OS.
  • Few already owned an iPhone
    There are plenty of good reasons to buy an iPhone when you’re looking for a new smartphone in the future. Peers are shifting from iOS to Android if they found any good reason to move. But most people who own iPhones already are pretty comfortable using it for status and easy usage.
  • iPhones are easy to recognize
    When people are walking in the store, the iPhone can easy to understand, and one can pick up their favorites lineup option available in the store. Few peers choose iPhone as they are familiar with the usage.
  • iPhones seem easy to resell than Android Phones
    If a shopper is thinking to move to the next model, then they need to resell it to purchase new. It observed that the iPhone seems a secure device to resell and deal with. So, if you’re planning for original purchase then selling the iPhone is pretty easier.
  • People aren’t comparing phones based on raw specifications.
    If you’re comparing iPhone with high-end Android phones, then Android gives better specs in those particular areas. Few people buy the iPhone as they don’t want to mess with Android alternatives and comparing specs. The better way is to read reviews before purchasing any expensive smartphones. You can take the help of an iOS app development company to create a beautiful mobile application.

What are developers mostly concern about?

What are developers mostly concern about?

  • Profits and Piracy:
    It’s not just money and time developers look for. They are mostly concern about the money they’ll make from any platform. In Android piracy is a fact where games suffer in particular, yet in iOS, piracy is less of a headache.
  • Cost and Complexity:
    Developing iOS is much easier than Android as they generally need to work on 6-8 different devices depending on the developer’s experience. Whereas Android has a different story, it needs to run the application on more than 12000 different devices.
  • Developers are in Apple’s back pocket:
    Some developers mainly focus on one platform as they aren’t keen to work on Android. iOS developers like to use whizzy features and new elements for their annual software updates. Choose to use iOS over Android becomes part of the company’s desire to make it look good.

When to choose which one?

As both Android vs iOS platform is growing parallelly, we need to choose the ideal mobile development platform that works best for us. Developing Android does make sense if we are targeting a customized Android user, which adds personalized power that comes with Android. Where iOS make sense if our goal is to align with customers and high in-app engagement that makes iPhone users valuable. With Apple, one can reduce the time of approval and time to market the app. Check iPhone App availability or iPhone App Development Company to develop an excellent iOS application.

However, we have tried to cover as many points to help you get insights into the current scenario. Make your journey smooth and hire dedicated mobile app developers to meet your business requirements through customized app solutions.


IOS Or Android? Which Is Better To Use?

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