What is Microsoft Citizen Developers?

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What is Microsoft Citizen Developers?

Summary: Microsoft Citizen Developers are non-technical individuals within organizations who prefer to use low-code/no-code citizen development platforms like PowerApps to create, customize, and maintain software applications. This innovative approach boosts development, reduces costs, and enhances a culture of innovation in business.

Non-technical professionals can design unique business solutions, automation, and connections using the low-code Power platform. Power platform Citizen developers refer to these non-technical workers.

Microsoft has continuously adapted and innovated to empower individuals and organizations. Microsoft Citizen Developers is the latest trend. This trending concept is reshaping how software applications are developed and maintained by companies. In this blog, we will check out the concept of Microsoft Citizen developers and how they change the power app development world. 

What is a Power Platform Citizen Developer?

The Power Platform Citizen Developer is defined as a non-technical professional with the authority to design unique business solutions on the Microsoft Power Platform and is known as a citizen developer. Without the requirement for in-depth technical knowledge, users of the Power Platform can develop unique business applications, automation, and integrations.

The Power Platform allows citizen developers to build applications that automate business procedures, design unique forms and workflows, and interact with other platforms and data sources. These solutions can be applied across various sectors and corporate processes, ranging from straightforward automation to more complicated applications.

What is the Importance of Power Platform Developers?

Power Platform developers are crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, they make it simple and quick for businesses to develop unique solutions that cater to their particular company requirements.

Organizations can reduce development costs and time spent on projects by giving non-technical workers the freedom to develop solutions. This also helps to guarantee that the solutions produced meet the company’s unique requirements.

Secondly, organizations can benefit from the assistance of Power Platform Citizen Developers by becoming more adaptable and responsive to shifting business requirements. Custom solutions enable businesses to respond to emerging opportunities and challenges more swiftly and readily, testing and refining new concepts.

Last but not least, Power Platform Citizen Developers can aid in bridging the gap between the business and IT industry. Organizations can better align the IT industry with business goals and lessen their reliance on IT resources for small-scale initiatives by allowing non-technical personnel to develop solutions.

How to Develop a Power Platform Citizen Developer Community?

A community-based strategy that promotes cooperation and knowledge exchange among citizen Developers is necessary to establish a Power Platform Citizen Developers community. The organizations listed can take the following actions to create a community of Power Platform Citizen Developers.

1. Identify and Train Important Personnel

Organizations should identify and train key personnel who are interested in the Power Platform within the company. These people can then serve as ambassadors for the platform and aid in the development and support of other team members.

2. Develop a Dedicated Online Place

Organizations can provide a dedicated online environment where citizen Developers can discuss their experiences and seek assistance, such as community forums or chat rooms. This may encourage community members to work together and exchange expertise.

3. Event and workshop Planning

This is a tool that organizations may use to gather citizen developers and offer them tools and training to help them develop the skills.

4. Enhanced Collaborations and Sharing Knowledge

Organizations should reward community members for their contributions, provide chances for community members to share their work, learn from others, and promote collaborations and knowledge exchange among citizen developers.

What are the Benefits of the Power Platform Citizen Developer Community?

Benefits of the Power Platform Citizen Developer Community?

Check out the main benefits of the Power Platform Citizen Developer community:

1. Increased Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Citizen developers can share their experiences and best practices by establishing a dedicated community, encouraging greater cooperation and knowledge sharing among community members.

2. Enhanced Creativity and Productivity

Community members can develop new concepts and solutions for resolving business issues through cooperation and the exchange of best practices.

3. Improved Alignment of IT with Business Requirements

Organizations can better align IT with business requirements by empowering non-technical personnel to develop solutions, decreasing the need for IT resources for small-scale projects.

4. Cost-Savings

Organizations can reduce the time and money spent on development costs by empowering non-technical personnel to generate solutions.

5. Continual Learning and Support

Citizen developers offer continual learning and development possibilities as they exchange ideas, work together, and assist one another.

6. Creates a Sense of Ownership and Commitment

When citizen developers are given the freedom to develop solutions that address the demands of their business area, a sense of ownership and commitment to the solution is generated, promoting better adoption and a higher return on investment.

Who Should Be a Citizen Developer?

Any company employee who is enthusiastic about the Power platform and prepared to try to learn and advance their abilities can become a
Citizen developer. To support other organization members and serve as platform champions, it is crucial to identify and develop key individuals inside the organization.

It is also advised that organizations must identify business units that could profit from the Power platform and include staff from those units in the community of Citizen Developers. This will guarantee that the solutions created align with the company’s particular requirements.

What is the Difference Between Professional Developers vs Citizen Developers?

The idea of citizen development emerged from business analysts’ realizations that professional developers bore excessive responsibility because they had to design and troubleshoot new applications. Projects would remain in their backlog of the month since these IT professionals had a backlog request from other departments.

Instead, LCNC platforms let workers- citizen developers- who have yet to gain prior training in professional development construct apps for their coworkers and clients.

Since citizen developers are more likely than professional developers to be experts in their field, applications developed and updated by citizen developers – under the proper supervision of professional IT developers- are more likely to take into account the needs of the users who are either a part of the citizen developer community or gain from their knowledge.


Microsoft Citizen Developers represents a transformative shift in the world of software development. They empower individuals within organizations to become innovators and problem solvers, reducing development bottlenecks and driving digital transformation. As organizations continue to embrace this change, Power apps Developers will play an essential role in shaping the future of business application development.

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