Microsoft Power Automate: How it Helps You Automate Your Business Processes?

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Microsoft Power Automate

In this competitive world, Business Process Management – BPM is gaining its popularity. Many organizations are shifting their paradigm towards a faster and more automated environment on a daily basis. In nutshell, BPM is used to optimize, enhance, and automate the business processes. This is simply achieved by automating workflows and ignoring time-consuming and menial tasks using various automation tools or business process management software – BPMS. And to rescue you from doing such tedious tasks, Microsoft has come up with a new tool. The tool is called Microsoft Power Automate. It’s also formerly known as Microsoft Flow.

So now the question is, What’s Power Automate? Why do we have to use Power Automate? What are the Power Automate Apps available in the market? Well, to answer the questions above, as a renowned Microsoft Powerapps Consulting Services company, we have curated this article. We will guide you through the basic points and technical details. So hold on your breath and let’s delve into the paradigm of Power Automate.

What’s Microsoft Flow or Power Automate?

Well, Microsoft Flow is now Power Automate. It’s an online or cloud-based workflow service developed by Microsoft. It automates actions with connected sources such as MS Office 365 and other common apps and services. It allows you to create “flow” that automate processes that were done manually in the past. Thus, it can help you simplify the business processes and save a lot of effort and time.

With the help of Microsoft Power Automate, you can easily automate your workflows between your applications and services to synchronize files, approve requests, get notifications, gather data, and many more, in a way, that your business processes are better streamlined. Let’s give you an example: You can create a flow stating that whenever any influencer or individual with more than one thousand followers tweets about your company, a lead is automatically added to Microsoft Dynamics 365, and a record is generated and added in MailChimp.

Moreover, Power Automate serves as the best solution that brings to the table. An RPA – Robotic Process Automation is used to reduce repetitive manual tasks.

What Can You Do With Microsoft Power Automate?

  • Customizes workflow to create
  • Automate monotonous or time-consuming daily tasks
  • Automates business processes
  • Automates cloud-based applications and cloud data
  • Helps you design logic for PowerApps

Who Can Use Power Automate?

The Microsoft Flow tool is booming in recent times. It has created a great impression in every sector with its functionality and features. And Microsoft has not failed to put automation in the hands of every user with a great vision. It doesn’t matter who you are in the eye of Microsoft.

However, now we have got a clear idea of Power Automate or Microsoft Flow. So now you must be wondering, how you or your business can leverage Power Automate.

If you are from an IT background or HR professional, you have all the power to use Microsoft Flow or Power Automate.

You can utilize the Power Automate to automate the process and streamline your workload in your own workflow. Many organizations have adopted and implemented this and become a well-to-do thing every day.

1. Advantages of Microsoft Flow

As we know that Microsoft Flow automates processes and can be integrated into Microsoft Office 365. Apart from automating repetitive tasks by a business process management platform, it also offers various advantages. Here are the main advantages that Microsoft Flow offers.

2. Seamless Integration With Other Applications

Microsoft Flow allows the user to integrate workflows directly into different applications that they are using, with the help of connectors. A connector links two applications together. This way, one app can transfer data to another app. Hence, it simplifies your menial tasks.

3. Easy to Access and Share Data

As we come to know, connectors can easily move data from one application to another. So, you can create a flow between two connectors and use Microsoft Flow to connect your apps. This way, you can copy data from one app and easily share it with your colleagues. You can also access your data across various web applications. The real-time example is connecting Sharepoint to your Outlook.

4.Automate & Streamline Tasks

Whenever in the morning you come to the office and log in to your system, there are several mandatory tasks which you have to complete on a daily basis. You cannot miss them. These monotonous or daily tasks do consume half of your office time and then you cannot concentrate on the core task of that particular day. So what about automating that task with Power Automate? Well, here it comes to your rescue that streamlines your daily/weekly time-consuming tasks. So, for that you can create your own workflow using available templates and with connectors, you can connect to other applications.

5.Enhances Efficiency

With PowerApps consulting using Power Automate, it lets you automate repetitive tasks into multi-step workflows. So if you create an app in PowerApps, create logic in them using Power Automate to perform one or more tasks during the time of the event, for on-the-go productivity. By doing this way, you can save time and work effectively.

6.Secure Workflow

Power Automate empowers users quickly and securely connect to on-premises data and cloud-based services. It secures workflows, even if you have no knowledge of coding. So with built-in or customized data loss prevention policies, you can prevent sensitive information from leaving your company.


With this new innovative tool – Microsoft Flow, we have got endless opportunities and possibilities to automate our processes. There are many organizations which have already implemented Power Automate to increase the efficiency of their business processes.

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