How to Develop Your Own Music Streaming App with Unique Features?

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Music Streaming App with Unique Features?

Mobile apps have changed the way of listening to music. The Google Play Store and the App Store both provide a variety of music streaming options. Due to their ease of use and attractive pricing, market leaders like Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify have grown in popularity. However, if you want to create a music streaming app, you must take into account several elements, including platform, license, and others. In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about music streaming app development and its main features with a detailed explanation.

Market Analysis of Music Streaming App

Music video Streaming apps are famous due to the ease the convenience they provide to users. As per the reports, live music streaming app development such as Spotify and Pandora took five years to conquer the music industry. Hence, it is a challenging task to create a competitive edge in the market. A huge investment in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is suggested for creating a base to deliver various features like relevant artists, required tracks, and albums.

Which are the Types of Music Streaming Apps?

The leading voice streaming app comes in a wide range of formats and provides a wide range of listening possibilities. Typical types of music applications include:

  • Music Library- Unlimited access to songs on a subscription basis.
  • Cloud Storage- Storage for downloading and managing media.
  • Radio stations- Multiple available radio stations, and playlists.

How to Start Your Own Music Streaming Service?

How to Start Your Own Music Streaming Service?

There are a few steps that all music player app development processes go through whether they are developed for Android, iOS, or both platforms.

1. Defining the Purpose

For starting a music streaming service, you will need to mention all your requirements. You can check similar apps for your reference and come up with all the required features.

2. Licensing

While developing music player apps without ads you will need a license for ensuring the legal content of subscribers. In general, there are two types of licenses available:

  • Sound recording license Agreement
  • Music License Agreement

3. Search App Development Company

Look for developers who deliver music app development solutions. There are various factors to consider before starting a music streaming service hence choosing the best app development company is necessary.

4. Choosing a Suitable platform

These days, the two most well-known platforms are iOS and Android. For your audio streaming app to remain competitive in the music industry, take into account both iOS app development and Android app development. If you have limited beginning spending limits, choose the platform depending on your target market.

Which are the Necessary Music Streaming App Features?

Music Streaming App Features?

1. Music Library

Allow users to add albums, identify artists as favorites, and create playlists of their favorite music. Additionally, you have to allow them the choice to search for their preferred music. They ought to have the option to create, remove, share, and use their playlists.

2. Music Category

Users have the freedom to search for artists and genres by using music categories. Create playlists, genres, ratings, popularity, moods, activities, and other categories to classify the music in your app. The music’s categories make it quick and simple for listeners to browse tracks and locate what they need.

3. Useful Search Tab

A Customizable way to handle each track according to the user’s preferences for a good level of comfort. Users can narrow down their options after finding up to n tracks.

4. AI Suggestions

Listeners inherently pay greater attention to newly-suggested curative playlists that are given by their genre, mood, and preferred additional aspects. Builders of music streaming apps may effectively leverage this aspect and enhance the user experience.

5. Downloading songs

Offline accessibility enables listening to the chosen tune whenever you want without using the Internet. This is possible with any device.

6. Creating Playlists

Users of any platform can create various playlists within the music app using playlists, either public or private. They may be created and set apart from one another by restricting access to only the user or those in complete control.

7. Advertising

Earning each audio streaming service is possible by providing banner ads or videos, and this is undoubtedly the key for Spotify to increase money from its music streaming monetization platform.

8. Song Writer Details

A valuable feature that aids in recognizing each lyricist who contributes a premium of credits and encouragement as well as in figuring out who created your favorite song.

9. Chat While Listening to Songs

Nothing could be more beneficial than communicating with your followers during a music streaming session than chatting while listening in an app. Allowing users to connect more fully with other audiences will increase engagement and promote greater socializing while listening to music.

Ways of Monetizing Music Streaming App

If you want to make money with the app, your choice of monetization mechanism is essential. Two primary revenue streams are used by apps similar to Spotify. Let’s focus on the specifics of each choice.

1. Subscription

Platforms frequently recommend membership to access music. It enables businesses to generate monthly money. Additionally, since the owners of the business must pay for licensing, it is a popular choice for streaming music apps.

2. Advertisements

Ads can be added before the start of a song, just like YouTube Music does. Additionally, Spotify only employs a few different kinds of advertising. Thus, Spotify Ad Studios exist for artists. The service analyses your music’s style and provides fans with artists and styles that are comparable.


Despite the fact that music streaming is a popular trend, you still have an opportunity to compete with Spotify for a portion of the market. However, you must start immediately if you want your app to succeed and have an advantage over competitors. Hiring an app development team is necessary to create a music streaming app development service. The success of a web, Android, and iOS application depends on the developers.

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1. What is the Source of Income for Music Streaming Apps?

The typical method of making money from music streaming applications is by providing users with a selection of subscription options and providing advertising. The strategies include third-party advertising, music streaming, and paying for time slots.

2. How long does it take to Create a music streaming app?

The length of time it takes to develop a music app relies on a number of variables. However, it can take 3–4 months for single platform music streaming software with minimal capabilities, and it might take longer if you require a sophisticated version.

3. What is the cost of developing a Music streaming app?

The price of developing a custom music streaming app is mostly determined by your needs. Numerous aspects, including features, technologies, the development platform used, the amount of personnel recruited, the quality assurance technique used, designs, and concept validation, can affect the entire cost of developing a music streaming app. The easiest approach to determine the cost of developing an app is to talk with professionals and analyze your proposal.

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