Power Apps vs Power BI: What is The Difference?

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Power Apps vs Power BI: What is The Difference?

Summary: Here, we are going to get in-depth knowledge about Microsoft Power apps and Microsoft Power BI. They both have a very useful functionality which gives us new possibilities of working.

Microsoft Power apps platform has introduced simple, great apps that have reduced the hassle of businesses. If we talk about Power Apps vs Power BI, then Power Apps helps users to take action on mobile and web devices, while Power BI provides information that helps in data analysis and visualization. Both of them provide important information to the consumers.

What is Power Apps?

What is Power Apps?

Power Apps is one of the simplest and most innovative platforms that allows users to generate lucrative user experience by dragging and dropping elements. Users can add other elements such as Textboxes, option fields, and many more. It allows users to use media devices like cameras and movies. Power app also allows users to connect with multiple data sources, where after completion of development they simply need to publish the app.

The Microsoft Power Platform offers Power Apps, more like a service platform. Users can use different services to create web apps and native mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows but only for internal users, not for users from all over the world. Because it doesn’t have any code where developers can change the requirements. In short, Power Apps speed up the development process by reducing the time and effort required for husky solutions.

What is Power BI?

What is Power BI?

Microsoft provides a self-service business analytics solution which is known as Power BI. Microsoft Power Platform serves it in a variety of flavors, starting from the desktop version to cloud-based Power BI. The main use of Power BI is to interconnect a wide range of data via interactive reports, stories with high visualization, and dashboards. We can use Power Automate to speed up the process.

Power Apps in Power BI are free to download from the Microsoft Store. It is not operatable on any other system except Windows. While on mobile devices, Power BI can be downloaded for both Android and iOS. Also, apart from the desktop view, the mobile app is very useful in viewing reports natively.

Power BI allows the user to manipulate the data and alter it to their reporting requirement. To understand it better, processed data must be represented in the graphs and charts. Some useful situations are storytelling, studies, forecasts, and many more. You can hire microsoft Power BI developer to create your solution for your data analytics.

What is Power Automate vs Power BI?

As we have seen earlier, Power BI helps to connect many data sources and generate interactive reports that include charts and visualizations. Power Automate is a tool that helps in automating the process. It increases productivity by automating the processes.

Users can use Power Automate with Power BI to create automated workflows to get notifications, collect data, file synchronization, and many more. It also helps to automate the process of generating emails to arrange email campaigns from Power BI.

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Let’s understand the Key differences between Power BI and Power apps

  • Power BI is about data analysis and visualization, while Power Apps focuses on creating customized business apps.
  • Power BI provides facilities for data reporting, sharing, and exploration, while Power Apps allows users to create interactive forms, automate steps, and track in-line business processes.
  • A person should have a deep understanding of data modeling, language queries, and visualization in Power BI. On the other side, Power Apps requires less coding skills and is accessible to non-technical users.
  • Power BI focuses on data cleaning, transformation, and modeling for creating extensive visualizations and reports. And, power Apps deal with data storage, data inputs, and retrieving the data within the applications.

Use Cases for Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power BI Solutions

There are other possibilities where we can combine both technologies and generate significant benefits.

  • Direct editing of Source Data: One of the most significant uses of Power Apps and Power BI is the ability to write data back to the source system hassle-free. User can review their data with Power BI as it is read only tool while Power Apps is a wonderful tool for altering any data. Therefore, users can update and write back to the source system with modifications to the Power BI report.
  • Includes more Information: With the solution of modification, it also allows for storing extra data. This allows users to add more comments to different databases. When any other person examines the report, the system allows them to see their comments. Emails can be sent to a different person with the information from reports.
  • Taking Data-driven actions: Many other operations can be possible with Power apps and Power BI in addition to storing and altering the data. Alert is one of them. Users can send alerts to other team members about data changes in the dashboard. Campaigns can be organized from marketing dashboards. Power apps provide great control over these tasks.

Similarities between Microsoft Power Automate vs Microsoft Power BI

  • Both Power Apps and Power BI integration with web applications is seamless. A few examples are SharePoint, Teams Dynamics 365, etc.
  • Both tools provide solid connectors to connect with various data sources which include databases, APIs, and cloud services.
  • Power Apps and Power BI both allow users to collaborate on apps and reports, ensuring knowledge sharing and effective teamwork.


There is no competition between Power Apps and Power BI regarding business support. The Power Platform enables different Microsoft products like Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate.

Every company depends on the data increasing day by day. Therefore, they need to get insight and find the value. Previously, a team member of the company was doing it, but the process was very time-consuming and required many valuable resources. But, Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power BI have simplified everything. You can connect with PowerApps Development Company to get detailed knowledge.

Power Apps and Power BI increase efficiency and keep any organization on the top of latest trends. Schedule a free consultation with Concetto Labs for Microsoft Power Automate Consulting Services.


1. What is the main difference between power bi desktop vs power bi pro?

Power BI pro provides all the functionalities that Power Bi have with additional features like unlimited viewing, sharing, and use of reports

2. How do Power apps connect with Power BI?

To connect Power BI data, user need to create new connection within Power Apps.

3. What is the main purpose of Power apps?

It helps in creating quick custom business apps that connect with your data store in the easiest way to monitor your business data.

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