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In today’s competitive world, many organizations are choosing different ways to engage customers on devices they use the most to gain an edge over their competitors. Amongst the numerous web tools and technology options available, the neverending documentation, and the myriad of options – deciding where to start can seem impossible.

If we are considering NodeJS with React, they have been at the peak of popularity recently. As per the report, 85% of developers used NodeJS for web development services. Therefore, in order to create feature-rich and high-quality applications, many web developers opt for NodeJS with React Native.

Node.js application development company is able to offer different and convincing features as the Node.js environment is the best to deploy React apps with Node server. Using Node.JS, JavaScript code can run smoothly if it’s deployed on the Windows, Linux, and Mac OS platforms. Henceforth, React.JS offers a straightforward interface design as well as a smooth and consistent learning API.

So, now you might have a question: What’s special about Node.js? Why does it attract technology leaders?

Well, let’s get through the answers.

What’s Node.JS?

What’s Node.JS?

I guess every developer is familiar with JavaScript. Despite the existence of other programming languages like PHP or Python, JavaScript remains the main programming language.

There are many software tools enabling developers to provide cutting-edge programming solutions. The actual reason behind this is that code works correctly even in outdated browsers. NodeJs helps you by providing a “JavaScript for Everything” paradigm. It works as one programming language for coding both the front-end and back-end.

NodeJS is one of the most popular programming languages for developing high-speed scalable server-side and cross-platform network applications. It uses an open-source JavaScript library. This minimizes code duplication.

An application developed with Node.JS is split into separate packages or modules. A module represents a block of code that can be reused in other modules. The engine uses an event-driven and non-blocking I/O model. Thus, it’s suitable to develop contemporary solutions based on web-sockets, event queues and microservices.

The Node.JS JavaScript runtime built runs on a single thread, just like the event loop. Yet, in the background, it can use many threads to execute asynchronous code. Hence, it is represented as a multi-threaded one. It continues executing the code and doesn’t wait for a response to an API call, I/O events, etc. This supports many concurrent thread events. Since the data is output in large batches, applications don’t need to buffer.

These are based on Node.js:

Single Page Application (SPA)

Using Node.js, developers can develop SPAs. It enables developers to develop social media, dynamic websites, and email solutions.


Node.JS comes up with advanced features for real-time applications and chatbots.

IoT Applications

NodeJS is able to handle concurrent requests from one million devices on its network.

Backend for Social Networking

Node.js provides vast V8 routing along with secure authentication.

Streaming Data

NodeJS supports files at super-fast speeds. It also ensures easy coding and uploading. It’s widely used by many eCommerce retailers and video streaming platforms.

The developers who are willing to develop responsive applications will choose the combination of Node.js and React.js. The main reason behind this is, it has thousands of libraries, a simplified model, and the support of the NodeJS React community.

What’s ReactJS? Why is it so special?

ReactJS is a front-end library that runs on a browser, developed and created by Facebook. Like other libraries, ReactJS runs on web servers like Apache or with back-ends like PHP or Rails.

Due to its fast virtual DOM, ReactJS is often used as a V in MVC. Initially, it was developed for working with web browsers. It has a ReactDOM library that works with the browser’s DOM. But over the years, it has been upgraded to a cross-platform framework called React Native that’s widely used by iOS and Android developers.

Using React, a developed app can easily cater to challenges like slow user interaction and low performance due to DOM manipulations. This problem has been solved by its Virtual DOM.

Therefore, React has become the first choice among developers. You can also hire Reactjs developer to develop highly robust, hybrid and native applications.

Characteristics of React.js

Let’s find out some characteristics of React.js.

Easy to Maintain

React.js reuses components of a system. It updates and displays only what’s needed when the data changes.


Virtual DOM improves application performance.

Code Stability

Due to its downstream data flow, React ensures the brilliant performance of the code.

Advanced Developer Toolbox

ReactJS has all the required debugging tools for the convenience of mobile application developers. Using design patterns, a developer can easily create an interface for iOS and Android applications.

Can I Use NodeJS With React?

If you have a question about using NodeJs with React, then we can say – Yes. Definitely, you can use Reactjs with Nodejs to create ergonomic interface components.

Node.js is the most convenient platform for hosting as well as running a web server for a React application.

There are two main reasons:

  • It uses the NPM (Node Package Manager). Node works alongside the NPM registry to easily install any package through the NPM CLI.
  • Node bundles a React application into a single file for easy compilation using a web pack and several other Node modules.

Remember one thing that, using React with any other backend or React is optional. React is a JavaScript library which presents the information to the user irrespective of its source. And Node makes it easier to develop with React.

Albeit, if you are going to host a React app on another server (except Node), you can still use it to prepare JavaScript for deployment. So NodeJS is not necessary, but it’s preferable while using ReactJS.


By far, you have figured the usage and functionality of Node.js with React. React works for the front-end, whereas Node is used for back-end platforms. Node.js can do a lot more than making servers; it can do all types of scripting and CLI tools.

So, as a developer, if you are planning to use React with Nodejs, you should have some knowledge about NPM. And to use React, you don’t need to code in a Node environment, unless you want to add a back-end.

If you are using React with Node, it will surely help you to enhance your project to the next level. Therefore, many expert developers and tech-giants like Netflix, PayPal, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Trello, etc use it and have achieved tremendous results and drastic improvement in performance.

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