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Why is it Essential to Maintain an Application?

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Why is it essential to maintain an Application?

After a lot of hard-work into mobile app development, you have published your app successfully on play store. Now you desperately think that you’ve done your app marketing job. Then you’re mistaken here if you’re feeling so. Developing apps and marketing is just a part of mobile app development. After successfully developing a mobile application, it is essential to maintain an Application and incurs some additional costs. And lacking mobile app maintenance can be one of the reasons for your app failure.

The below image by mobile app daily have reasons that there are thousands of more app downloads that do not have a happy ending. The statistics shown are monthly based, and elements need to be exceptional to have successful app survival.

In case, if you’re still confused about how to maintain an application and how to start with the development phase. Here we go app maintenance can add an expense in your budget with about 15-20% of its original cost price. The app maintenance cost might include extra if you updated features in the future.

Mobile App Maintenance Costs

Today every business has an ongoing maintenance cost, whether its small or large business. Based on monthly plans, we can predict the average price of the application. Once you have published your app, you still need to update content with time, add new features, and add new records. With this, you need to pay for these services by managing the information. Also, the cost varies depending on the complexity of the app, additional server cost, push notifications, emergency maintenance, payment processing, and more.

Based on the above research, we can say that there are mobile developers who are still investing instead of not using features. Talking about features and functionalities, we need to think about this during mobile app development. It can help in reducing the overall maintenance cost, but we can’t get rid of some requirements like:

  • Push Notifications: $10/month depending on functions
  • Servers: $20 -$60/month
  • Payment Gateways: up to $149/month

To cut short, a good thumb rule is to calculate 20% of the cost of initial development when calculating the overall cost of mobile app development.

Let’s drill deeper to understand how much does it cost to build an app by considering some features:

Let’s drill deeper to understand how much does it cost to build an app by considering some features:

  • Dashboard Emulator: It allows you to see what changes you’re making on your mobile application. We can call it a previewer of the application.
  • Content Management: Changing content should have an easy to edit feature. You can update the content, and this capability is a must to have on the dashboard.
  • Functional Services Management: We would suggest having a separate dashboard for each service. It should cover capabilities to monitor social behavior, sending SMS and emails, sending push notifications, and maintaining routine tasks available from a single dashboard.
  • Dynamic updates: Most applications need constant content updating. Few apps elaborate on their resubmission process each time the content changes. So, the developer needs to ensure to build in dynamic process update using a simple click on the app dashboard.
  • Access Controls: Control roles and permissions to manage access within the app. It allows what users can access and what screen they can see, along with private information to premium content.
  • User Profiles: Manage your user profiles easily. Hire a good designer that will add details like password reset forms which easily get lost in the design process.
  • Data Segmentation: In here, you need to classify different categories based upon profile, activity, and other parameters. This feature is useful for messaging and push notification based on a segment it falls into.

How is mobile app maintenance cost calculated?

There might be several factors where we can talk about cost maintenance. Few of them are listed below:

  • Once the app is published, it undergoes maintaining cost, which incurs besides developing the mobile application.
  • The additional cost is creating new content, tracking how the app is performing, and informing users about updates.
  • Offer services to users that demand an additional cost.
  • If your services rely on the server which stores related information like user records, payment history, and publisher pay extra for this information.

If this works well for you, let us understand how to cut down the cost of mobile app development?
Generally, the cost depends upon multiple factors where developers bring down the app development cost. Check a few of the pointers.

Invest in the Right Development Platform

We’ll find a various platform that is available for developing an application. You can choose any from them. Some of them are:

Native development helps to get an application stable enough for users and get better access to smartphone resources. Perform faster and feel lighter with your smartphone. There may be some downside if you want to maintain an application at least two apps for different platforms such as Android or iOS. Everything depends on your budget. The best solution we could offer is investing in a hybrid application. You can hire flutter app developer or any mobile app development company for better results.

Include features that the user will use

It has observed by several organizations that users nearly user 45% of the features. So, we advise investing in features that the user uses. Doing this would help you reduce the maintenance and development costs. As an app developer, one needs to analyze and study the concern of the user by coming up with something that brought you on the board. Serve users with what they ask for and win their hearts by delivering better. Hire android developer or hire iPhone developer to reduce a massive chunk of app development cost.

Ending Thoughts:

Well, app development and app maintenance costs are inevitable. You cannot avoid it, but the above measure will help in minimizing the expense of the development. With listed researched and few metrics, you can come up with proper planning to develop an app of your own.
Few of the take away we can take care of:

  • Choose a platform that answers user’s demands well.
  • Include the required functionality
  • Do invest in-app maintenance by hiring the right resource for the same.
  • Do listen to customer feedback and act accordingly.

Last but not least, keep the number of downloads in mind while launching. Cover all discussed points and cut down your expense quickly. If you still don’t know how to develop an app and how to maintain an application, hire a cross-platform mobile app development company to give wings to your app idea.

Why is it Essential to Maintain an Application?

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