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Microsoft Powеr Platform Development in Saudi Arabia

Concеtto Labs is a lеading Microsoft Powеr Platform dеvеlopmеnt company in Saudi Arabia, specializing in tailored solutions to enhance business efficiency. Our services encompass intuitive app design and robust dеvеlopmеnt, ensuring seamless integration for divеrsе businеss needs.

Microsoft Powеr Platform Development in Saudi Arabia
Microsoft Powеr Platform Development in Saudi Arabia
Microsoft Powеr Platform Development in Saudi Arabia
Microsoft Powеr Platform Development in Saudi Arabia
Microsoft Powеr Platform Development in Saudi Arabia
Microsoft Powеr Platform Development in Saudi Arabia
Microsoft Powеr Platform Development in Saudi Arabia
Microsoft Powеr Platform Development in Saudi Arabia
Microsoft Powеr Platform Development in Saudi Arabia

Concetto Labs specializes in Power BI consulting & development solutions and empowering businesses in Saudi Arabia to harnеss thе powеr оf data for informed decision-making. Our expertise extends to creating dynamic dashboards and insightful reports, еnabling clients to unlock valuablе insights and drivе stratеgic growth initiativеs.

Power Pages For Every Product

Power Platform Services

Microsoft Consulting

Microsoft Consulting

Expert architecture guidance, design sprints, and project advisory to plan and launch Power Platform initiatives.

  • Conduct strategic road mapping workshops to define objectives
  • Facilitate envisioning sessions for solution functionality and UX
  • Provide guidance on cloud infrastructure planning for security
  • Outline project plans with milestones, roles, and key results


We develop intuitive and user-friendly PowerApps tailored to your business requirements, enabling you to create custom apps for various tasks and processes without writing a single line of code.

  • Build cross-platform mobile apps for desktop and mobile use
  • Enable offline data access and functionality
  • Incorporate AI for intelligent insights
  • Accelerate development via reusable components
Power Automate

Power Automate

We automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows using Power Automate, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business while improving efficiency and productivity.

  • Streamline operations by integrating 100+enterprise apps and data sources
  • Automate multi-step approval processes across departments
  • Synchronise data bi-directionally
  • Scale productivity by automating manual processes
Power BI

Power BI

Our Power BI solutions empower you to visualize and analyze your data effectively, gaining valuable insights into your business performance and making informed decisions to drive growth and success.

  • Enable real-time analytics for rapid insights
  • Natural language query for intuitive analysis
  • Interactive pixel-perfect reporting outputs
  • Operationalization and embedding capabilities
Virtual Agents

Virtual Agents

We design and deploy intelligent virtual agents powered by Microsoft's AI capabilities, enabling you to provide personalized and efficient customer support and engagement around the clock.

  • Deploy across web, mobile, and messaging channels
  • Natural language processing for intent recognition
  • Prebuilt connectors to extend functionality
  • Guide conversations with contextual dialogs


Leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure, we build scalable and secure cloud-based solutions that drive innovation and agility, enabling you to modernize your IT infrastructure and accelerate digital transformation.

  • Global scale to support enterprise workloads
  • Industry compliance certification (HIPAA, SOC, ISO, etc)
  • Hybrid deployment flexibility
  • AI, machine learning, and edge capabilities


We utilize SharePoint to create collaborative and customizable intranet and document management solutions, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration among your teams.

  • Create centralized content repositories
  • Provision project team sites
  • Customise security configurations
  • Integrate with Microsoft 365 workflows

Looking for Microsoft Power Platforms development services backed by quality assurance expertise?

Choose Concetto Labs, your trusted Microsoft PowerApps development company in Saudi Arabia, ensuring software excellence with rigorous quality assurance testing.

Our Work

Our Customer Support is prime and always ready to answer any questions you may have and provide the best possible solutions.


Aeronautical Parts Quality Inspection Tool

  • Powerapps Canvas App
  • Dataverse
  • PowerAutomate

There is always a need of having a ticket management system in any organization to cater to the need of the customers and excel in after-sales. This ticket management system provides the user with the full-fledged technicalities and helps log the entries to get the best approach for raising the queries/issues from the customer’s end


Construction Vendor Management PowerApps

  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Microsoft Flow
  • MS SQL Server
  • Custom Connector

The idea behind this app was to build an app for the client and his team to manage their construction workers' vendors in an effective way. To assign the person from the company who will be taking care of the work to be allotted to each vendor using this app and manage the ratings and reviews for their jobs so that they can use them again for future projects.


Incident Management PowerApps

  • PowerApps Canvas App
  • Dataverse
  • SharePoint
  • PowerBI
  • Active Directory
  • Custom Connectors

An entire audit to analyze the process of project execution. It supports two types of incident reporting, i.e. minor or major where the forms/functionalities differ. A major incident report comes with 8 different stages which help the user to record the detailed level of an audit


Construction Inspection Log PowerApps

  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Microsoft Flow
  • MS SQL Server
  • Azure Blob Storage

This PowerApps belongs to Construction company where they logs their construction site Inspection on daily basis. it includes features like, user login based on his current location, add inspection log for specific project including number trades, work progress images, issue images, create inspection log report, email report etc..

Benefits of Hiring Microsoft Power App Developers

Unparalleled Expertise, Efficient Delivery

Unparalleled Expertise, Efficient Delivery

Our Microsoft Power Apps Development Services experts hold an unrivaled understanding of tailoring low-code solutions to transform business workflows. This mastery ensures the rapid development of custom apps intuitively designed around your processes and personnel - driving adoption, productivity, and outcomes.

Intuitive by Design for User Delight

Intuitive by Design for User Delight

While adept at technical complexity, we never lose sight of end-user grace. Our designers tap deep expertise to craft experiences focused on simplicity, accessibility, and the delightful factors that encourage team engagement.

Built to Scale Now and Tomorrow

Built to Scale Now and Tomorrow

We architect the extensibility and flexibility needed to help our Power Platform solutions grow in step with your organization. Future-proofing through thoughtful scalability and applying the latest Microsoft recommended practices are baked into our approach, keeping your custom apps resilient.

Why Choose Us

How do we guarantee project success? Here's what makes us different.

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    Customer Satisfaction
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    Integrity & Transparency
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    24/7 Customer Support
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    Flexible Engagement Models
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    360-Degree Solutions
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    Competitive Pricing & Delivery

Tools and Technologies

OLAP Cubes

  • Microsoft - SQL Analysis
  • Micro Strategy
  • Oracle BI
  • Sisense

Data Warehouse

  • Amazon Redshift
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache Hive
  • Hadoop
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle-BI

Data Visualization

  • PowerBI
  • Tableau
  • SSRS
  • SSAS
  • SSIS
  • Qlikview


  • MS SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL

Looking for high-quality Software solutions? Our skilled developers are ready to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about employing our developers that may help you.

PowerApps makes it possible to build specialized apps that streamline your processes without intense coding or IT overload. Whether connecting systems, optimizing workflows, or empowering employees in the field, custom apps drive efficiency and productivity across teams.

Our team has delivered everything from simple mobile apps for field techs to intricate data integrations meshing legacy systems with Office 365. Name the process or challenge; we have likely built a custom solution. We excel at apps like data collection forms, real-time reporting dashboards, multi-step approval workflows, inventory management trackers, and much more.

Integration is our superpower! We routinely bridge connections between PowerApps and surrounding systems like SharePoint, Dynamics, Oracle DBs, AWS services, and niche applications via APIs. This enables seamless bidirectional data flows to get the most ROI from your tech stack. Complex integrations are exciting challenges we love to tackle head-on!

Our specialized Microsoft Power Platform team adheres to proven software development life cycles that bake in security and resilience from day one. We obsess over access controls and data encryption, rigorous platform testing, continuity planning, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Consider us an extension of your team, keeping your custom apps optimized over the long haul.

The timeline and cost of a Microsoft PowerApps development project can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the application, the number of features required, and any integration needs. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific goals and requirements and provide transparent pricing and timelines based on their unique project scope.

Why Our Client Love Us?

Our integrity and process focuses largely on providing every customer the best recommendations for their respective business. Our clients become recurring customers because we always go beyond their expectations to deliver the best solutions.


We brainstorm a lot!

Because brainstorming leads to new thoughts & ideas. We believe in discussing & bridging the gap leading to nicer suggestions & application.


Believe in Innovation!

Innovation is like Jugaad. It only comes when you give it a try. We believe that extraordinary things come with innovation which help you stand & lead in the crowd.


Creative Developers!

Our developers are always keen to develop creative ideas. There is “NEVER a NO.” They have an eye on the market facts, thus develop in the latest on going environment.


Value for Money!

We understand the value of money & thus with a modular approach serve you the best quote for your application & web services. The features we promise, we deliver. #notohiddencosts

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