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Business growth is the sole aim of businesses. Every business today is having a digital touch. Every business uses one or more solutions for handling routines. If an app can solve many problems or just make it easy for you, would you mind?

Make a search. Find an app. There’s always one that would make it simple for you. From task management to inventory handling and invoicing.

Have a look below for 6 apps which can help you manage and grow your business.

Have a look below for 6 apps which can help you manage and grow your business.

1. Wunderlist – Get stuff done.

There’s no need to write to-do lists now. Forget missing an important task. Be free from losing and maintaining cumbersome lists on paper. Reduce the use of paper and go green.

Have a try. Download the app.

Additionally, you can share your lists. It can send you reminders for the pending tasks, can change according to your priorities.

Use it for free. If you want to have unlimited to-do lists, gain large file size uploads, and more, you can have the premium version.

Advantage: Time management.

2. Hipchat – All your work in one place.

Its Group messaging and file sharing app where you can communicate with your team easily. It’s not easy to have this app at its full potential. For that, you need to take the time and learn this app.

It’s a way more efficient method to collaborate with the team for tasks.

Advantage: Task Management.

3. Wave – For your specialized accounting needs.

If you end up paying more price for an app where many features are not even used by you, Wave is your app.

It is not as broad as QuickBooks but it gets your job done. The great thing is that it’s free. If you want premium support and payroll you can have the premium version.

Advantage: Accounting Ease.

4. Evernote – Your digital notebook. 

Forget forgetting where you kept the notebook or document or your written to-do list. Evernote has it all. Jot down your ideas, draw, share and link your lists and documents. Sync on all devices to have them where you go.

Best of all, editing or creating a new list or document does not need an internet connection.

Premium allows you to sync with your team and work with them on Evernote.

Advantage: Efficient Documentation.

5. RescueTime: Stop wasting time.

It does what it says. It tracks your activities by recording them. Know how you spend your time and where do you waste it. This makes you become more time-efficient and make actual adjustments.

In the premium version, it tells you where you’re not productive, blocks time-consuming websites, and alerts you to maintain a log.

Advantage: Effective Utilization of Time.

6. Spark: Gain control of your inbox.

You may have many email addresses like various business owners. You may have different email apps on your phone. It sometimes gets tedious. Have Spark.

It is a unified inbox that shows you all the emails from one single email account on your phone. This way, you can see all the emails in a single place. It’s a lot of saving time.

Advantage: Efficient Mail Categorization.

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6 Apps which can help you manage and grow your business

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