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As an entrepreneur, you cannot neglect the importance of mobile application. Today, the mobile application became an essential part of gaining more potential clients across the globe.

A mobile application is a medium where a user can get all the information related to your services and products. Here, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) part plays an important role. It can help you to increase the acceptability of an app. Accordingly, it increases the usability of an application will inflate the accessibility.

To increase the usability of an application, you need to take care of a couple of things that are mentioned below.

1. The application should be accessible to all the users, including those with hearing impairments, motor impairments, blindness, low vision etc.

2. The color of content in the paragraph and on any action button should be in contrast with a background color. This will provide an ease of readability.

3. Sometimes users with low vision cannot judge the difference between colors. At that time color contrast won’t matter much. Therefore, you should place few images with the content that ensure a user is receiving the same amount of information.

4. Style and formatting of a UI matter a lot. Good UI design can appeal the user to use the application. So, the formatting and style of a page should be proper.

5. Create a group of items that relate to each other. It can help low vision users who are having trouble in focusing on the screen.
6. The color contrast of UI should be accurate. Choose primary, secondary and accent color for an application that can easily differentiate.

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7. Allow a user to navigate an application by adding sound with descriptive labels. This will allow users to listen the labels and description when they touch on UI element. The visually impaired user can easily access the application with screen readers.

8. During the use of a mobile application, a user might increase the font size to improve the vision. Try to use standard font size so a user can increase the font while using the application.

9. To give an efficient experience to the user, it is mandatory to meet each platforms accessibility standards. During the implementation and after completion – it is suggested to test your application design on a different platform.

Wrapping up: User interface of an application depends on the market that you are targeting. You can create an easy and standard user interface by adhering the standard recommendation. To increase the usability of an application, you need a distinctive and instinctive user interface to stand out different from the crowd or your competitors.

usability of an application

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