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As the number of technologies is in the market as it’s very common the questionnaires which technology we should go with. Today, we are going to talk about the trending technology React Native Development and its benefits, Disadvantages of it and why you should go with React Native.

React Native:

An open-source framework that is developed by Facebook, which was launched in 2013 and allows developers to create advanced web UI in Javascript.

React handles data changes over time without reloading the page. React Native extends and brings the power of its older brother React to the mobile world.

The elements that manipulate by user wrap iOS and Android native and relatable elements into one single React Native object that revealing an API.

Benefits of React Native:

  • The core benefit is that instead of writing separate code for iOS and Android you can share the code between iOS and Android.
  • You can reuse the parts of your web apps.
  • Between the three platforms, you can share even more code if you use React Native.
  • The created app using React Native not need to go through the app review process instead you can make over the air updates using CodePush.

Disadvantages of React Native:

  • React Native is not native and the biggest disadvantage of using React Native is performance.
  • Regarding React Native performance number of benchmarks are available online. The reason is that as people starting out with React Native they get excited about being able to write ‘native code’ and can deploy the same easily.
  • Due to loading, the JavaScript bundle React Native suffers from slow startup performance while running.
  • The pain point performance issue happens in the bridge between the native code and javascript code.
  • React native perform better on iOS than it does on Android.

React Native: An Ideal Web Developer Playground:

From the web to iOS and Android developers React Native brings a lot of modern features and tooling that includes deploying applications on both platforms with reuse code and cost-saving.

However, there are multiple non-negligible challenges for native developers to the adaptation to React Native. All the developers need to give up their beloved interface editor that offers powerful constraints programmatically.

The native set of tools and language helps with a new complex and hacky approach that didn’t use the official toolset either recommended by the official guidelines.

On the iOS and Android accessible to web developers react-native makes native development by writing native applications in JavaScript as the main programming language.

This gives them the ability to implement native mobile applications and the main thing is that new language learning is not required as it relies on a CSS-like styling language.

The fun and exciting aspect for a web developer are to work on a native mobile application for the first time and reuse apple and android native UI elements. But when you come from a native mobile development background you do not get that exciting aspect.

Let’s Have A Look On Production Apps Using React Native:

React Native

The most important items to determine is how popular apps run on React Native and their performance. There are many popular apps that page lists under React Native docs Showcase.

Most of the react-native apps use a package like React Native navigation that handles the routing. The best example of an app that is fully built using React Native is Facebook Ads Manager.

If we compare than there are a number of android devices out there which are less performant than the high-end iOS devices and these still make sense for them to build the iOS app in React Native as their web frontend is also written in React with OTA advantage updates.

Final Thoughts:

Personally, for an upcoming project, I will go with React Native but if I want to build an app like snapchat will not go with React Native.

As the React Native Web development is still useful and essential for the web side of things.

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