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Nothing is permanent and so the IT industry is too. Software development outsourcing has revolutionized the way of doing business in all the segments. To get into the market and beat the competitors, the corporate giants today rely on the outsourcing of their software requirements to gain an edge over the others and cut down the overall operational cost.

According to the recent statistics from Statista, it is found that the total value of IT outsourcing worldwide from the year 2000 to 2016 is nearly 52.9 billion U.S. dollars. Further, almost 43% of the manufacturing industry today outsources their work to the offshore software outsourcing company to reduce the overall costing of the business.

In the year 2017, the IT industry has witnessed some gigantic changes in software outsourcing services and come up with new trends. Starting from technical advancement and hybrid cloud to the security, the outsourcing industry has grown exponentially. But, what about the year ahead? What will be the key software development outsourcing trends in 2019? Let’s get an insight into the possible outsourcing trends, which everyone must look out for in 2019.

  • Security will be of utmost priority! With the increasing number of software outsourcing companies across the globe, securing critical data and intellectual property will be the biggest concern for businesses. The companies will have to think about measuring security effectiveness to enable effective risk management. The improved security measures and deploying end-to-end managed security infrastructure is the need of today’s outsourcing firms to gain the trust of the business partners.
  • Cloud, Cloud, and Cloud!!! Cloud computing was in demand, is in demand, and will be in demand in the year ahead too. If we believe the stats, the coming year the cloud computing industry will reach almost 200-Billion U.S. dollars. The ability to provide customized and pocket-friendly attitude will be the key to the Top Software Development Companies in the USA. More ‘n’ more clients will try to leverage from the cloud platforms to drive their business in the coming years.
  • It is time to know more about Machines & Robotics. It is no more a new thing that many popular corporate giants have shown their interest in the robotics process automation and it is becoming a hot cake with each passing year.

More productivity increased efficiency and lower down the operational costs without compromising the quality, these are the key benefits which is attracting many in the IT industry. To get an edge over the competitors and gain attention from the prospects, outsourcing software development companies should lean on artificial intelligence and robotics in the year ahead!

  • Gaming could be the changing player! It might be a surprise entry in this list, but game development will be one of the areas where offshore software Development Company will have to focus on 2019. With the annual growth rate of 8.1%, the gaming market will hit almost 102.9 billion U.S. dollars by the end of this year. And it will increase exponentially in the coming years for sure!
  • Get rid of fixed-price models! Well, it might be something that every outsourcing firm to think about. It was a time when IT giants were working on the fixed price models and allowing hiring resources on an hourly basis with some minimum wedges. But today the picture is changed.

Software Development Outsourcing Companies

Today, most of the organizations are newly established (within the past 3 years) and don’t have experience or R & D facilities to showcase the proof of concept through data collection software project requirements. And thus, the fixed price model is not an option in the year ahead. Instead, go for material and time-based methods to cut down the overall time spent in each project by a team, improve engagement in the new product development, and enable continuous performance monitoring.

Software Development Outsourcing Trends In 2019

Of course, these are not the only possible trends to watch out for in the year ahead, but following or putting these trends in practice will surely make helps outsourcing firms to get ahead into the market. It will establish long-term success for sure. No matter what are the pros and cons it has, but the outsourcing of the services will be on the silver-lining even in 2019 with these predicted trends of software development outsourcing services.

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