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Are you looking to start your own business? But, stuck on how the things will work out? Here’s a suggestion why not build an MVP (Minimal Viable Product). MVP is the simplest version of a mobile application that solves several problems and can help to validate a business idea. Additionally, Flutter for MVP application development can make your business grow and understand the loopholes.

MVP Application Development Characteristics

  • Design Simplicity
  • Cost-Effective Development
  • Limited Features
  • Small Scale Integration

With the above characteristics, you can promote your brand and launched the product in the market along with reaching your potential customers. If your customers/users aren’t happy with your application, then MVP can save your money and resources by abounding the old one and starting a new project without spending a significant amount on it.

Flutter Mobile App Development Services

Flutter helps in developing a unique and attractive User interface where if you’re looking for a custom app building, then use Flutter mobile app development services that work as the right source for you. Check a few of the listed services such as:

  • Cross-Platform App Development
  • Customized App Development
  • Flutter Widgets Development
  • Enterprise Mobile Solution
  • Custom User Interface Development
  • Flutter App Testing Services

Which brands implement MVPs?

Brands app implement in MVPs

  • Dropbox: Dropbox was facing difficulties before implementing MVP as there was an issue related to the cloud storage platform, and Dree Huston resolves the problem by giving video MVP as a solution.
  • Airbnb: Previously, Airbnb was only showing budget-friendly stays, but after getting feedback from users, they implemented MVP, which later shows pictures of their flats and more.
  • Buffer: Butter had limited functionality and later implemented MVP, where the flutter app developer uses lean methodology.
  • Instagram: Today, Instagram is a platform to share a photo or video that uses various filters. MVP was added to it, and the number of features can be updated to it.
  • Uber: Years ago, transportation was far more complicated than today. But uber has implemented MVP to allow people could book a taxi or tab via phone and track the location accordingly.

What is Flutter?

Flutter app performance

In 2018, Google developed Flutter. Flutter is a cross-development platform that builds a high-performing app for iOS and Android. This platform comes with enhanced features such as bug fixes and other widgets.

Why Flutter is the ultimate solution for MVP?

Flutter has a community of more than 1000 developers that works under giant Google. Using Flutter, mobile app development companies do not require a large amount to spend during experimenting. Use inbuilt tools and features that come with great UI along with it.

Ways in which Flutter help in developing an MVP

1. Attractive design will draw many investors

It becomes essential to bring investors potential ideas. The Flutter comes with an enhanced collection of UI features and other interactive maps. However, it helps developers to customize widgets and accelerate APIs supported by Flutter.

2. Develop cost-effective apps

Today, there’s no issue for the cost any more as it can develop for both platforms quickly. As Flutter supports cross-platform, it only requires one codebase to write on both platforms. Using this user can get a maximum number of issues fixed, and code can be reused whenever needed to.

3. The speedy app development process

aflutter helps developers to view the changes made to app coding. With this quick change are made, and the overall app development process accelerates to become faster. Additionally, the reload features will help developers to fix the bugs with ease.

How Flutter makes the right choice to build MVP?

We can say that Flutter is a game-changer for MVP development as the flutter app developer can start using Flutter with a minimum learning curve. So, this means less code and can set-up quickly whenever you want as it doesn’t require any powerful machine.

Few of the prime reasons what makes Flutter an excellent choice to build MVP

  • Flutter comes with a large community where businesses need not spend much on licensing.
  • App development becomes more accessible and simplified.
  • It comes with an excellent user interface to create an interactive user interface.
  • It is beneficial for startups and business firms where a dedicated widget engine is used as cross-platform tools to attract UI components.

Final Verdict


Since Flutter is launched by Google, the team makes it a reliable option when people ask why one should go with Flutter for MVP development. Also, huge brands are nowadays using Flutter to develop apps and make a modification to their existing ones. So, if you’re looking for a platform to paint your imagination into an impressive UIs then, Flutter is a one that offers excellent opportunities to build high-performance mobile apps that fits your needs quickly.

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Flutter FAQs for MVP Application Development

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an easy cross-platform mobile app development started by Google, which releases support for building Chrome OS applications. It does come with new UI-as-code features. With Flutter, you don’t need to develop an iOS and Android App separately. Improve and develop your mobile app with Flutter as it uses one codebase for both platforms.

How Flutter Shrinks the cost of App Development?

You’ll get everything free and open source in Flutter. Also, Flutter is portable and comes with a multi-purpose UI toolkit, which helps you to build beautiful native apps. Your decision to grow your business with Flutter will purely be based on market needs. Use the latest version of Flutter to make it easy, expressive, and flexible to reduce the cost of App development. Instead of hiring two resources for iOS and Android use, Flutter to do its job. Get better resource utilization and Management with less complexity and saving more.

Why is Flutter the Best Solution for MVP Development?

Today’s client requires most focused development time, which often comes before the project budget. The main reason behind this is, it comes with a competitive advantage, reducing time and getting it done before time. This is the reason why MVP (Minimal Viable Product) is used by several companies to test customer’s needs with ease. Plan right and steer your business using Flutter to get the best solution for MVP Development.