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If you’re checking your website traffic on Google Analytics, then you’ll observe a large number of users are accessing your WordPress website over their smartphones. So, the best way to ensure users to give mobile experience is by making your website mobile responsive. Moreover, having a dedicated mobile app for your site is pretty much cool, isn’t it?

Why not convert your WordPress site into a mobile app by using few plugins. Nowadays, most of the Hybrid App Development companies are using these plugins to create a mobile application for their site. It can later help you to drive traffic after you host your mobile app on app stores. Moreover, a responsive site will show the best representation of your website in a mobile-friendly application. The research has found that nearly adults spend 3 hours on a mobile phone every day for doing social activities.

Let’s look at how to determine which are the best plugin to turn WordPress site into Mobile app

Best plugin to turn WordPress site into Mobile appsite

AppPressure Plugin

Looking for dedicated WordPress plugins with the best mobile theme, AppPressure is for you. The reactor is a mobile app builder that integrates with WordPress. It is a brand that gives an easy way to create a mobile application for your site. But we can say that it’s not an ideal tool for non-developers, so you need to Hire WordPress Expert or plugin developer to help you out. AppPressure plugin requires extensive customization to build an app from scratch. If you think that you don’t want to pay for the services and looking for a free mobile app for WordPress, then this plugin is a better choice for you.

Features Included:

  • Design Navigation
  • Create Custom Plugins Pages
  • Push Notification
  • WordPress Plugin and Extension Compatibility

Mobiloud Plugin

The mobile app canvas is a plugin that is created by MobiLoud to create a mobile app that can launch on both iOS and Android platforms. We can say it’s one of the great plugin options used widely to get a native app from a WordPress Site. Despite the listed free plugin in the WordPress plugin directory, MobiLoud is not available for free. It is one of the disadvantages we can say. No doubt, the plugin is quite affordable, and you can entrust the team for building a mobile application. The plugin comes with two products, and one use for converting blogs and others for targeting news sites into apps with helping high traffic sites to make a switch.

Features Included:

  •  Compatible on iOS and Android
  •  Customized Design with Logo and Favicon
  •  Push Notification
  •  Mobile Advertising and monetizing
  •  Complete control over app design and content

AndroApp Plugin

If you have a website that contains much information such as blogs and newspapers, then this plugin is best for you. It gives your newsfeed a new look and gives you a mobile-friendly layout. Moreover, it provides you offline support, multiple themes, unlimited push notification, infinite scroll, and other data sharing. Keep note that it won’t support WooCommerce and BuddyPress. You can Hire WordPress developer or plugin developer to help you configure and download your application.

Features Included:

  • Push Notifications
  • Save Content Offline
  • Deep Linking Support
  • Custom Theme
  • Image Zooming

The above functionalities are available in the beta version. So, it highly recommended launching your application on Android OS only.

Blappsta Plugin

Blappsta plugin is entirely free and is compatible with both iOS and Android Platforms. Additionally, it gives you a unique feature to test and preview your experiment before it goes live. With this feature, you can see the look and feel in the mobile view form. As soon as you create the mobile app, it is ready to display all data, videos supported, Facebook page, and more. Blappsta is still a new plugin to use, but you won’t know how it works before using it.

Features Included:

  • Push Notification when posted live
  • Deep Linking indexing
  • Share Button Facilities on social channels (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Organize content on the mobile app
  • Customized navigation

WappPress Plugin

If you’re looking for a site-to-mobile app WordPress plugins that save your time and money, then WappPres is best suitable for you. WappPress is one of the most profitable platforms that allows converting the WordPress website to the Android app by simply clicking through its functionality. It’s a premium plugin that ideally not works for the one who is looking to customize the content in the future. No doubt, this tool will give a great blogger view in a small budget. WappPress is for those who want to establish mobile apps by themselves easily.

It takes our website and puts it on into mobile application layout. Note that this isn’t any add-ons aside from push notification to Admob monetization.

Take Away:

You can use any of the plugins that will help to turn you to carve your path towards reaching the target audience. You need to choose the plugin carefully as they might not give you traffic or any leads even if you have a mobile responsive application.

Why not create a new channel for the user to get engaged with you and add some values to your experience? Use easy plugins tool to upload your app buttons, icons, and more. Note that it supports Google Analytics, built-in caching, and compatibility with most popular platforms. If you’re serious about turning your WordPress site into a mobile app, then we would highly recommend AppPressure and MobiLoud.

I hope this article has helped you in finding the best plugin. If you have the trouble of turning your site into the mobile app, then we are one of the leading Cross-platform mobile app development company ready for any support.