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Java VS .Net: A Detailed Comparison to Choose the Best Android App Development Platform

With the rise in the number of mobile users, the mobile marketplace has been targeted by businesses operating in various industries across the world. Android apps are the best way to approach the field of mobile marketing. Businesses all around the world have been using Android apps to reach out to a huge base of mobile customers. In such cases, a reliable Android app development company can be of paramount interest.

That being said, Android app development is the key to designing and developing an optimized and functional android app that helps a certain business to grow and earn more revenue. The most basic need of any android app is its user-friendly nature, along with the integration of all essential features.

Though the primary approach of any android app development company is simply downloading Android SDK and start writing apps with Java; in such scenario; can be an easy catch to go with.

Android App Development: The two platforms: Java vs .Net

JavaScript and HTML/CSS have been the two most important and popular building platforms of any kind of development project. The android app development sector can be approached with the .Net platform. .Net development companies are prevalent all across the world.

While downloading Android SDK and coding the apps using JavaScript is the most common and existing approach towards android app development, the approach of any ASP.NET development company is different. They use another platform known as the .Net platform, which has been reckoned to be much simpler by most developers.

The comparison of the two platforms, namely Java vs .Net, has not been an uncommon scenario in the field of programming, especially when it comes to android app development.

While the Java platform has been encouraged by Google and has been one of the most widely used programming languages around the world, the .Net platform has not been very far behind in the case of Android apps. There are some subtle differences between the two platforms and some very minute peculiarities that stand as key differences between the platforms.

Before we move on to that, let’s look at some of the key challenges faced by programmers and some common queries of programmers in the field of android app development.

  • How to make use of Object-oriented programming techniques for the development of Android apps?
  • How .net annotations help in Android app development?
  • How Java interface can help to communicate with other app parts in .net?
  • How an Android app differs from a Java program?

Let’s find out how Java and can prove to be helpful in their own ways to build a stable android app in this post ahead.

Java for Android App Development

A lot of programmers still prefer Java, but more and more businesses and development agencies are on the lookout for web development in India, and android app development.

Android programming is somewhat different from traditional Java programming. It is possible to develop C and C++ apps with the help of the Android Native Development Kit.

According to the experts in the field, the Java files conversion into bytecodes is the same as compiling an Android app. The byte code is the key here and makes for the complete running of the app on the device. As soon as the bytecode is installed on the machine, it is optimized into machine code for Android devices. This also improves the runtime performance of the app.

The process is also known as Ahead of Time compilation (AoT) and is enabled by the Android Runtime (ART) virtual machine.

.Net for Android app development mobile development as well as web development has been pretty popular in the industry. Companies are looking to hire programmers all across the world. Businesses looking for efficient android apps are also on the lookout for a reliable development company.

The development of android apps works through the use of Xamarin Studio IDE. It is a MonoDroid/MonoDevelop platform from Xamarin. Such android applications are executed through the mono-based virtual computer.

There are segments of classes that can be used to access native Android functionalities that appear like classes in the .NET Framework. A major difference can be that they bind to the android API under the hood.

The four essential steps to the use of the of.NeT framework for Android app development are:

  • Processing resources from Android resource files into . NET-compatible resource files;
  • Creation of the .NET code;
  • Processing of the .NET code to create Java wrappers.
  • Final packaging of the Android executable.

The .net platform is widely used by development companies who are into web development and core development. It is particularly useful and efficient when there is a requirement of quicker startup time, holding onto Visual Studio IDE, and writing the code in C#.

Java vs .Net: Going Head to Head

Java is a portable programming language that is not only useful on almost every platform, but it is also able to run on any device and operating system allowing codes through the JVM.

The .Net platform, on the other hand, is a virtual framework that provides simple and efficient programming techniques and guidelines for a versatile range of app development, including the web, mobile, and Windows-based platforms.

The languages supported by Java are:

Python, C++, Ruby, C#, PHP

The languages supported by platform are:












ASML(Abstract State Machine Language)

Final Words

As it is clearly seen, the .net framework is much more versatile and dynamic and supports various development procedures including mobile development, MVC development, MVC game development, core development.

Programmers have more widely used Java, but in modern times, programmers are in huge demand by various development companies.

While that is said, you need to decide which is more suitable for your specific needs and likewise, you can hire an MVC developer or other development company for .Net framework-based development.

Java vs .Net: Choose Your Best Pick for Android App Development

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