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As the demand for mobile applications is increasing day by day, to increase the value of your brand and to engage with the customer you must have a great application idea. A mobile application can help you with your product marketing. Now, we can understand that creating a mobile application is a very crucial decision for any kind of business and selecting the perfect platform for creating an application is another vital section. Generally, during mobile application creation, Development Company starts the process with anyone platform, test it, and then implement it on another platform. Here, the question arises of android vs ios future It became difficult to choose the best between these two.

Let’s have a look at some important factors which will certainly help you to choose one out of these two operating systems Android VS iOS.

  1. Location: If you are focusing on any particular region to target then selection of Android and iOS became easy because we all know that iOS focus on the premium customers who have a great income and Android focus on the masses which is more affordable in comparison with iOS. So, if you are targeting for the region like Asia, South America, South Africa then you should go to the Android platform rather than iOS.
  2. Revenue:  It has been noticed that application download rates are higher for iOS than Android. Although, we are aware that iOS applications are paid, and then also it is getting more customers to compare with Android. Therefore, if your primary focus is to generate revenues and not on reaching the masses then an iOS application is more preferable to Android.
  3. Cost: Cost plays a vital role while creating an application. Generally, a cost can be decided through the features of an application. However, after comparing iOS and Android application cost at some level, iOS application is more costly than Android application. It is true that the coding for an iOS application is easy and more compact than Android because Android supports Java language to write a code which is a little more tedious compare with Swift and Objective C. Even though, it is quite surprising that iOS apps are more costly.
  4. Features: If you are planning to create your retail application OR E-commerce application then according to the facts and figures you should go for Apple. Research shows that more than 23% of Apple users prefer to purchase through their mobile phone and this rate for an Android user is just 17%.

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All of these points can help you to make a decision between android vs ios development but before comparing and selecting any platform you should understand all the features and discuss it with your developer who knows more about these aspects. If your study shares that your target audience is more focused on Android and you are looking for some features that cannot be supported by iOS then go for Android first and if you are focusing on the factors like country, cost and time then go for iOS first where your target audience from high earning society. In short, before selecting any one platform at the initial stage look at all the features and take the decision.

iOS vs Android

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Android VS iOS: whom to choose first?

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