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Laravel 6.0 is here!

Laravel is a popular PHP framework that aims to make the development process easy for developers. Previously, Laravel 5.0 was introduced to create a new wave of excitement among the developers and offered great features such as an inbuilt authentication system and multiple file support facilities. But now the time is here with where a new member is added in a Laravel family with a fresh Laravel 6.0 version release. Exclusively, Laravel 6.0 will have an LTS version that will keep on getting updated and patches along with bug-fixing and correcting security issues nearly by the year 2022.

Let’s look at what’s changes Taylor Orwell has made in Laravel 6.0 and how we can start using it right away.

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What’s new in Laravel 6.0

  • Lazy Collections

In Laravel 6.0 you’ll find lazy collection which allows low memory usage along with substantial data. Suppose you have a large dataset in your project, and you need to iterate them with a condition then the generator will take time, but a lazy collection will help you with low memory consumption.

// This loads all eloquent models into memory at the same time
// This may be a huge number if you have thousands of posts
$posts = App\Post::all()->filter(function ($post) {
return $post->id > 500;

  • Switch from all() to cursor()as this one eloquent model will only be loaded into memory at a time as it will be using Lazy collection instance.

$posts = App\Post::cursor()->filter(function ($post) {
return $post->id > 500;
foreach ($posts as $post) {
echo $post->id;

  • Laravel UI

It is one of the other upgrades where the extraction of the laravel/UI package is used. You won’t find scaffolding front-end in this update which was used in Laravel 5.x releases as it is removed to a separate composer package such as Laravel UI. The package will add React, Vue and Bootstrap.

  • Example:

composer require laravel/UI
PHP artisan UI vue –auth

  • Laravel Vapor Compatibility

Laravel Vapor is a serverless platform powered by AWS. Also, it comes with a handy feature that translates spark-based apps into the preferred local language and supports the right to left text layouts. Moreover, Laravel 6.0 bug fixes and security fixes are provided for three long years.

  • Job Middleware

Otwell has added job specific middleware for queued jobs in Laravel 6. One can define middleware by specifying middleware() method on job class which returns an array of middleware objects.

  • Pull request Example:

public function middleware()
return [new SomeMiddleware];

  • Middleware class example:

class SomeMiddleware
public function handle($command, $next)
// Do something…

return $next($command);

  • Laravel Spark

Laravel Spark is one of the amazing versions that come with a set of attractive features which includes some enhanced security features and will take your Laravel development to the next level.


Before you make an update, take care, you confirm that your application is updated to Laravel 6.0 or not.

  • Moreover, other environment and production server must have PHP 7.2 as its new minimum requirement is Laravel 6.0 as PHP 7.1 will have active support until December 2019.
  • After Laravel 6.0 released, make sure that the third-party package used in it will with Laravel 6.0. If you want to know more check their official pages or their repositories.
  • You can upgrade your project using Laravel Shift which is an automated service that helps you in managing your upgrades efficiently. Laravel shift is capable of the automatic upgrade process and makes necessary changes for you.

Wrapping up:

Laravel 6 Features

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