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From Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to CRM apps, enterprise web-apps are not new. Businesses all around the world have emphasized on web-apps. There are many frameworks for web application development. Laravel is a popular PHP framework for web-apps. According to Grand View Research, Inc, the global enterprise application market is estimated to reach $259.51 billion by 2022. The compound annual growth rate for the market will be 7.8%. The extension of websites to mobile devices is boosting the market. Laravel is an excellent framework. It offers flexibility and scalability to web-apps. Laravel uses the PHP language. The framework promises great functionality for enterprise applications.

Let’s understand more about the Laravel Framework.

What is Laravel?

Laravel PHP framework came to life from in 2011. Since then, the entire web-application development is evolving. The latest release of Laravel 6.18.22 makes the framework more robust. It relies on PHP. The recent transformations in the language with PHP 7.4 is also a bonus.

Laravel is ideal for enterprise web-apps. It can support features like authentication, data validations, sessions, caching process, and others. So, the execution of the data-driven web-apps is simple.

Laravel uses MVC architecture. Model-View-Controller structure helps Laravel to build reliable apps. It also enhances the MVP(Minimum Viable Product) of apps for better testing. Over the years, there have been many PHP frameworks. But, Laravel seems to have impressed most developers.

Many organizations use Laravel application development. Some of the enterprises that have utilized the framework are BBC, Forbes, Pfizer, and 9GAG.

Now, we know the PHP framework. So, let’s understand the reasons to choose Laravel for enterprise web-apps.

Why Choose Laravel Framework For Enterprise Web Application Development?

Why Choose Laravel Framework For Enterprise Web Application Development?

1. Open-Source Framework

Any business will like a robust framework that reduces the cost of development. Laravel is free and open-source. So, you can reduce the development cost. Open-source communities of Laravel can help inspire your developers for interactive designs.

These communities have several developers contributing to the framework. So, you get many ready-made templates and boilerplate codes for your enterprise apps.

2. Simple Coding Base

Laravel offers a blade template engine. It helps simplify the coding. So, you can hire PHP developer and create plain codes through Laravel. These plain PHP codes find usage in the view model of MVC. You can add many widgets inherited from the CSS and Javascript codes.

The framework will help you with the simplification of codes through the widgets.

3. Security

Laravel offers complete data security. You can hire Laravel developer for higher data security. Developers in India are quite vigilant in data security. So, you can get high-performance web-apps with better security. It has the power of blocking malware attacks in web applications.

4. User-Friendly Approach

A user-friendly UI can help with better UX. If the user experience of apps is better, it boosts business. Laravel application development uses modules. These modules have 20 built-in repositories with ready-to-use components. So, you can create UIs with user-friendly designs.

5. Time-to-Market

In such a competitive world, you need rapid development. Laravel is the perfect choice for rapid app development. It reduces time-to-market.

Here, developers can leverage pre-built components for faster development. There are web application development services that can offer web-apps in no time at all.

It is paramount for enterprises to reduce time-to-market because there is always a fear of losing an idea to a competitor.

6. MVC Structure

MVC structure helps Laravel to create native-like web-apps. We know that web applications are an extension of your existing websites. MVC helps this extension through parallel development. So, you can develop business logic as well as representations at the same time.

7. Dependencies

Laravel helps with dependency management. Developers can use composes for dependencies of the web-apps. You can get a professional hire dedicated laravel developer to use composers.

The feature allows these firms to run codes and check bak on errors simultaneously. So, you can reduce many mistakes during the deployment.

8. Data Migration

For larger enterprises, database migration can be difficult. Even the expert developers find it hard. Laravel offers smooth data migration. The artisan command-line interface helps in building the structure of the database. The tool also makes data migration more effective.

9. Testing Prowess

Many frameworks offer web application development. But, very few of them have testing facilities. Laravel offers unit testing facilities. When you are done with the coding phase, the next thing that comes to mind is testing. Because a web-app without proper testing can harm your business.

Here, prototyping does play a vital role. Laravel is a framework that supports the MVP. The approach of a Minimum Viable Product(MVP) reduces the cost of prototyping. It also makes testing more powerful and faster.

10. Route Caching Feature

One of the most discussed issues of user engagement is loading speeds. Whether its websites or web applications need for speed is never off the table. Laravel help enterprises to develop faster-loading apps. It provides route caching, which makes web-apps load rapidly.

But, there are drawbacks to this feature. One drawback is the inability of developers to track changes in apps. Due to route caching, developers can only see the changes they make during deployment.

11. Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel is the only PHP framework to support OOP(Object Oriented Programming). It has a library base for object-oriented components. It helps developers to avoid separate coding for software applications.

12. Laravel Community

Laravel has a huge community of developers. These developers are contributing to the framework. They have created many ready-to-use components for the community.

For organizations looking to create web applications, it has many resources. Laravel community has been helping developers to overcome complex tasks. It will keep on doing the same.


Choosing a PHP framework for web application development has its benefits. But, selecting the Laravel PHP framework changes the whole web-apps experience. Some tools and features make web-apps secure, robust, rapid, and interactive.

Laravel can provide the ease of database management. Enterprises need to deal with a high volume of data. Laravel makes data migration and database management look easy. So, what are you waiting for? Get a professional Laravel development company in India to develop enterprise web applications!