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Flutter is open-source UI software, introduced by Google in the year 2017. According to GitHub’s 2019 State of the October report, Flutter is the fastest-growing mobile app platform. It allows businesses to develop cross-platform mobile applications, consuming less time and money. That’s the primary reason behind the popularity of Flutter.

Being a newbie in the cross-platform app development world, Flutter has done a tremendous job. It delivers rich features, well-designed, and robust mobile applications for businesses. Any flutter app developer can help you with the mobile app development process efficiently. If you’re a startup business or established and planning to develop a cross-platform mobile app, then the Flutter is an ideal choice.

Here are the top 7 reasons why Flutter is the new development trend in 2020:

1. Saves your time

The hot reload feature of Flutter is quite popular that allows you to save time on deploying like in regular programming. More so, you can apply all the changes immediately without losing the existing application state. Building UI, fixing bugs, and adding new features without compromising speed, which, to a greater extent, reduces the Quality Assessment effort. This is another reason why to choose Flutter.

2. Same UI and business sense to all platforms

The primary advantage of Flutter is its universal UI patterns extorted to reusable widgets. It reduces the need to individually set UI properties such as styling, colors, etc. It has the ability to adjust UI and business globally via editing the code for both Android and iOS Flutter apps.

3. Ideal for an MVP

A minimal viable product is one of the best approaches to validate any business idea. It assists you in preventing business failures as you can attain quick feedback and understand the needs of your customers. To the high-speed Flutter provides easy integrations and flexible UI, which makes it a perfect choice for a mobile MVP.

4. Custom, animated UI for any complication available

Amalgamating various widgets, you can build a complex UI that appears the same on a different version of operating systems. Flutter development services boast an extensive library of versatile animations that can quickly be implemented with Flutter’s animation support that will make your app look refined and smooth. And whatever you see on the screen is customizable.

5. High app responsiveness

Flutter has the power to run on any current platform working properly with zero changes to Dart code and conservation of exceptional design on the platforms. Flutter app development has by now moved ahead from mobile and opened new opportunities for web and desktop that is active use presently.

6. Similar to native app performance

Flutter apps are written in Dart language, which eradicates JavaScript and is compiled to native platform code. This allows releasing and compiling an application much faster than you would do it with React native.

7. Hot reloading facilitates designer-developer cooperation

Besides being a top feature for developers, hot reloading proves to be beneficial for designer-developer collaboration. Just visualize that a developer recommends implementing some changes on UI, and as soon as the designer applies those changes, they both can directly see if those changes fit or not.

Seven reasons why Flutter has become the top development trend of 2020!


Flutter can be the best choice for your business if you want to target customers of both platforms. It is the most reliable choice and cost-effective at the same time. You can hire flutter developers India at Concetto Labs that too, within the set timeframe and at an affordable cost. Contact us now to know more.

Why Flutter is the development trend of 2020?

Why Flutter is the development trend of 2020?

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