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Who doesn’t like creating beautiful charts that add drill-downs, filtering, and plenty of other things? Also, what if it makes you visualized SharePoint online charts and graphs? Amazing right. To create a dashboard in SharePoint online from the list, one needs to use charting tools that help in giving the best-looking software. Here, we have listed a few tools that help create a chart from the SharePoint list and look over it.

Top Charting Tools for creating customized SharePoint Dashboard

Top Charting Tools for creating customized SharePoint Dashboard

1. Google Chart Web Part

The tool is available free and developed by Google. The tool helps to create different types of charts using the SharePoint list. Plugin the existing HTML 5 based code and display the chart graph. Moreover, it helps to extend based on the need.

2. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft’s newest service is power BI that supports hybrid architecture to connect with the cloud and other on-premise data sources. The tool comes with excellent data capability and uses an interactive interface. It simplifies the complex data and represents information based on reports and dashboards. Users can use services for various devices like desktop, mobile, and cloud. Power BI is one of the best SharePoint dashboard examples.

3. iDashboards – Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

The tools provide the best data visualization software for a self-service platform. iDashboards is a reliable and user-friendly tool that creates an interactive dashboard using the best examples of SharePoint dashboards like a dashboard. The tools help to convert the reports in PDF, Excel format, and HTML.

4. Bamboo Charts for Sharepoints

It’s a tool that helps implement the best SharePoint project dashboard solutions by creating real-time interactive charts from the SharePoint list and various other data sources. It allows configuring settings at run time to get more data. Using the tool, users can develop, export reports, and integrate custom-built features.

5. Power Pivot: Powerful data analysis and data modeling

The tool is the best example of SharePoint dashboards that create significant and multi-table data models by creating a pivot table with filters. The information is pulled from the external data source and makes the complex relationship of data in an accessible format.

6. RGraph: Beautiful JavaScript charts for websites

RGraph tools come with libraries like HTML 5 canvas and SVG graph used to generate charts by consuming data by creating dashboard SharePoint online from the list. The libraries come freely and are available to download with ease.

7. Power View – Overview and Learning – Microsoft Support

It’s a tool created by Microsoft and helps in offering the best SharePoint dashboard examples. Power view can extract the data from tables, maps, charts, matric, and more. It helps in providing the best multiple ideas by allowing it to filter, slice, sort, and highlight the information.

8. Microsoft SharePoint Designer

It’s one of the best tools that help to create SharePoint online charts and graphs using the custom view of the user’s project. It allows to change the filter, showing and hide columns along with connecting it view list. Additionally, you can connect with other changing layouts by applying for conditional formatting of the list.

9. Excel Services

It allows creating scorecards, dashboards, and other reports that connect data using multiple data sources. It helps to filter, sort, and slice data based on worksheets. Explore the feature and browser data with an excellent SharePoint server.

To wrap up, we’ll find more such tools available in the market that uses advanced features. Choose the best that’s suits your requirements and include intuitive data. If you’re looking for a charting solution for SharePoint, then connect with us and enjoy fantastic software.


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