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12 Nov 2019  2107

Understand the Workings of Building a Flutter App Using WordPress

The world of mobile app development is diverse. A lot of innovations and experimentation is being made in the field to simplify the process with tools that require minimum resources. One of these cost-effective and relatively easy-to-use tools that can be utilized for app development is WordPress. An Insight into WordPress Initially designed as an […]

18 Oct 2019  1445

Top 5 Free Live Video Streaming Apps for your Mobile Phones

What is a better way to boost engagement with your audience without live video streaming? In the past few years, video continues to grab the attention of anyone compared to traditional media. And when it comes to live video streaming, it allows the user to engage and come in front of the world and interacts […]

16 Oct 2019  907

Run Flutter Integration Tests on Devices Using AWS Services

Run Flutter Integration Tests On Real Devices- 3 Easy Steps! Flutter app development is a popular web technology that enables businesses to develop hybrid applications. This open-source platform allows businesses to save their time and effort as one doesn’t have to develop two different applications for different operating systems. Flutter has boomed the market in […]

09 Oct 2019  1023

Top 7 Best Application For Dog Lovers

With the commencement of smartphones, the daily chores of life have become easier. With the development of mobile applications, things have become user-friendly. As most of us are dog lovers and people who own dogs, there are some best apps for dogs. The best dog application will offer the best services that will please all […]

07 Oct 2019  1394

Integrating PowerApps with Power BI

A few months ago, Microsoft announced an update for Power BI which allowed us to use applications that are created using PowerApps with Power Bi. It gives us lots of new possibilities to work with Power BI. The biggest advantage of this update for Microsoft PowerApps Development is that you can directly send data into […]

02 Oct 2019  1097

On-Demand Dog Walking Service App – A Feature Insight

We are all familiar with Hoomans. And here you know dogs are humans’ best friends. According to research and survey, 9 out of 10 homes have a pet as a part of their family. They are as important as the other family members in the house. And pet owners have a huge responsibility to maintain […]

30 Sep 2019  1176

Bluetooth Functionality with Flutter

When it comes to using Bluetooth along with flutter, there is close to no documentation available. Whatever few articles are available, they are either too technical to bog you down, or are not clearly explained and become overwhelming. We will help you by demonstrating some basic concepts to implement Bluetooth functionality with flutter in your […]

25 Sep 2019  1928

All You Need to Know Before Learning Container & Presentational Components in ReactJS

Components allow us to divide the different responsibilities of applications into separate pieces and reactjs applications are composed of ‘families’ components. Today, we are going to talk about Stateful and Stateless Components, and before starting let me give a brief introduction of what is State, What is Component, What is Stateful and Stateless Components. The […]

18 Sep 2019  1925

Top 7 Money Management Apps That Your Teen Can Use To Manage Their Spending’s

Best Teenage Money Management Apps Remember that piggy banks? That we used previously to save some money from our routines and we use them in need. With technology advances that cash flow is now converted into digital transactions. And now the time is tight. So, if you give pocket money to your teen, they will […]

10 Sep 2019  1104

Why Artificial Intelligence Matters In iOS App Development

Jump Down: 1. Replika 2. Seeing AI 3. ELSA 4. Airpoly 5. Cortana With the commencement of loads of applications in the app store, people can acquire the best solution to the problems easily. In recent years, mobile app development transformed the way to garner information, connecting, and communicating with each other. This could all […]

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