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We all know the increasing number of mobile apps, which are going to make an entrance or already has made entrance into the app market, but the survival rate of the most of the app is not praiseworthy and needs to be worked upon with certain aspects, but if you would look closer, you will realize a bigger chunk of the users dislike the mobile app since the app was not designed and developed as per their taste. Some of the essentials are:

  • Be user-centric- a user-centric app is the only factor that cripples the competitors. Make sure your app is not just well-researched but also focused only on users’ expectations.
  • Don’t forget the right content- Words have the power, hence imply the clear and concise content strategy and make it sound more like a human than a machine. Don’t praise yourself, the app which only flaunts about what it can offer, can never win the users, rather you must focus on the factors which would simply inform the users that how this app and its services can be useful to the users.
  • Build a responsive design- if your app fails to run on different devices, then it fails as a product a large time. Invest your time in making it responsive.
  • Color theme- The color theme of your app works on the users’ psychology, thus, you need to pick it smartly, complimenting the business genre.
  • Easy to access- if the website has a confusing navigation system, then instead of bringing the customers, it would only make them go against your app. Make sure that it can be easily accessed without creating an iota of confusion in the users’ minds.

But something more which leaves a void in the users’ preferences and the app fails to reach them, is the implication of certain rules

So the very first lesson says that when you decide to kick-start your app development process then you must not just consider but take into the full consideration your users’ choice, expectations & GDPR.

Ever heard of GDPR???

Maybe new technology??? Maybe something none of your use???

Hey Hold….then and there…

This is not what GDPR is all about!

GDPR is a new term that would be holding the security measures for the development process in a much-straightened way…


I never thought GDPR would be like this…let’s find out more with this post…

A Brief About GDPR

Personal information is very crucial and a big safety concern for all of us isn’t it?

Thus, to safeguard the individual’s data, the General Data Protection Regulation was formulated in the European Union. With GDPR it becomes a seamless journey to regulate personal data outside the EU and EEA region. And it also boosts the users’ rights by the control to the citizens and the residents over their personal information.

Why GDPR is important for your business?

  • Every business owner regardless of the type of business deals with personal data of millions of people every day. With GDPR, the users have the right to demand & then get a copy of all of their data within one month, free of charge, and the reasons as to why the business was collecting and storing the data (the legal basis/justification).
  • On the other hand, during the data protection dispute, it costs time and money in handling the data. Further, a data breach is a potential reputation-damaging factor, and no business wants to face the bad reputation that comes due to a data breach. Thus, protecting and managing data is an essential thing for your company.
  • The users who suffer due to the data privacy breach by a company have several rights to sue the company for non-material damage in addition to the material damage.
  • Hence, after knowing this, you must have understood that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) cannot be ignored. Compliance is not an option. It would be helpful to remember that your customer’s data does not belong to you and should be given the utmost care and protection.

Now let’s look at the various factors while considering the general data protection regulation (GDPR). Many of these might already be in the right places and would need just a little improvement to strengthen them further.

Make sure you consider all these factors and have a clear answer to all the questions:

  1. Internal engagement- Should survey whether all the employees in your company are aware of the GDPR and are dedicated to making the appropriate changes to ensure trouble-free compliance.
  2. Personal data- What kind of personal information do you collect and store as a business? What is the source of this information stack? How is this data being shared internally and with third parties? Make a detailed plot about the source of this information and the way you ask for permission to use that data.
  3. Recording of data- The way you record the data and how do you update it when required? Do you have the ability to erase data of all the records if asked to? Make sure you clear out all the old data which is of no use anymore as it would make the management of new data simple.
  4. Data security/breaches- You should evaluate how secured is the personal information which you have collected and stored within your business. Who can access this data? Also, how fast can you identify any data breach and report it? You should assess and identify all the potential risk elements in your data processes and security. There lies a big reputational risk to your business in the case of a data breach.
  5. Consent- It is the most essential factor while considering GDPR as it is the consent because of which only you as a business can collect and store the user’s personal information. Thus, while asking for the consent you should give them a clear idea about how you intend to use their information. Also, you cannot infer consent through inactivity or pre-ticked boxes and should make it very easy for your users to withdraw their consent at any point in time.
  6. Individuals’ rights- Does your company provide all the rights the individual has? How will you erase or simply provide data? These are the rights of users to demand their data or deny the further procurement of info of the app and the legal right in the situation like the data loss or breach. Thus, in times like this how well you process the user individual rights which may even include erasing data of them.
  7. Access requests- The customers have the right to access their information stored by you and you cannot charge them for this service. But you can deny this request if it is excessive by informing the user within one month and all this must be documented and processed.

By now we all know very well that GDPR is the most vital aspect that helps in the life of millions of people these days. Every business has entered or entering into the app market. The app development does not end with just the development of the app but is a continuous thing, as in the current market trend with the massive competition there is a need for timely improvisations to the apps.

App development cannot be necessarily considered as a very complex thing however, it requires a lot of planning to design the perfect user interface and app features based on your company profile and needs. As it’s known that the app with the most attractive theme and features is downloaded the most and is on the top of the list. Now even though you are not in the app market it’s not late to join the race.

Thus, remembering and complying with these factors will help your business in the long run and also make sure to notify this to the app developer to avoid any future issues. Hence contact a leading app development to provide you with the best app development service following the GDPR.

A very common and a threatening situation occurs when you realize that users are not liking your app, despite your tremendous set of efforts and passion invested in the app, and the reason is similar because your app does not have those essentials which your users are looking for in your mobile app.

Make sure to get a successful mobile app, you must get research well about your users and their preferences, and accordingly, you must design and develop the mobile app. If you fail to address this issue, believe me, your concept, functionalities and even the features will have no worth.

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